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Ferrara Pan Orangehead

Ferrara Pan Orangehead

My son and I took a trip a few weeks ago to the town where most of my extended family is from. There is a great little store there that goes by several names in our family, depending on the generation. My Grandmother called it the "dime store". My Mother refers to it as "Ben Franklin". I call it by it's current name, which it's been named for at least 30 years, and my son calls it "the candy store". No matter what we call it, one thing we all know about it is that it has a nice variety of tasty, inexpensive candy. They have lots of large glass jars and you can buy a single large gobstopper or licorice stick if you'd like. I always think a small candy store with lots of options and prices is a nice change from the current big box stores most of us shop at now.

Which brings me to the candy I'd like to review today. It's a fairly common thing to find Ferrara Pan's Lemonhead candy in a $.25 box but every once in a while you find one of the other flavors Orangeheads, Appleheads, Grapeheads and Cherryheads. One of our favorites is the orange flavor. These are identical to the Lemonhead candy, and are made in the same cold panned process as Red Hots which are also made by Ferrara Pan. (read more one how this candy is made) This is a hard candy that is flavored orange with a slightly softer sugar layer on the outside and harder sugar ball on the inside. Once you bite down on it, it becomes somewhat chewy and likes to stick to your teeth. It's a nice candy to share with a 5 yr. old since there isn't a lot of candy in a small $.25 box and as a hard sugar candy it's not chocolatey, sticky or gooey. These have a very nice orange flavor, less intense than the Lemonhead flavor I think. It's an all around great candy and at a quarter, it's a great price too.

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: .9oz box = 1 serving = 100 calories, 0g fat
Price: $.25 local candy store

Lemonhead History


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