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Frosty Nerds by Wonka

Wonka Frosty Nerds

The first thing I have to admit is that......I have a problem......I'm a huge, huge fan of anything Wonka makes. Any time I see a new Wonka candy--Nerds Rope, Kazoozles, Nerds, Wonka Bars, Gummies, Laffy Taffy, Gobstoppers, Oh My!!!--I just have to purchase it! I am even a big fan of the Wonka webpage. In my mind, Wonka candy is exactly what candy should be: sugary, brightly colored, and fun to eat. It's all the things that take me back to the fun times of my childhood. I mean, what's more fun than Fun Dip, the Wonka candy that gives you a stick of solid sugar to dip in flavored sugar??? That brings me to today's review, Frosty Nerds.

Wonka does a really good job of changing up their fantastic Nerds candy product and releasing something for every holiday. I thought that Frosty Nerds would be coated in something to make them look frosty but the name is for the winter holiday and does not have anything to do with the candy inside.
Frosty Nerds Flavors:
◆Green = Watermelon
◆Red = Cherry
◆White = Punch
These 3 flavors are not what you'd consider "holiday flavors", but they do go very well together. These are typical Nerds, sugar that is flavored and coated with lots of crunch to them. Everyone in our family likes to fill their mouth full of Nerds, then start crunching. Every time you crunch, there's a different flavor making its way to your taste buds, something we all fully enjoy.

Each flavor tastes like you think it would. The Punch was absolutely fantastic. It was sort of a fruit punchy/ginger ale taste. No one in our family had ever tried that flavor before and we all really liked it. The only thing we wish is that Wonka would do different is to offer a single serving package size similar to the Halloween or Easter versions, or put these in the regular size box at least. The large "movie theatre" size box is too big and the opening so large that my 5 year old found it impossible to stop the tide of Nerds from spilling out all over the place. I would highly recommend this candy to anyone. We loved it! Wonka hit this one out of the park!!

12/10/2009 Update: I found the medium size Frosty Nerds box at Walgreens tonight so my comment above has been crossed out.  The medium size box is a much better size and the sliding covers are much better at stoppping the flow of nerds, so your 5 yr. old doesn't go nuts pouring out Frosty Nerds for instance.  See Photo below for medium sized box.  

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 7 ounce box = 13 servings = 60 calories per serving, 0g fat
Price: $.99 at Target

Frosty Nerds Medium Size Box


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