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Harry & David Moose Munch Chocolate Bar

The Moose Munch bar in milk chocolate is something my 5 year old and I have been looking forward to trying for some time. Every time we visit Target, we've found the dark chocolate bar but never the milk chocolate. I don't know if they are not as popular or if Target decided to carry them just recently but we did find one the last time we were standing in line and added it to our cart.

This is an interesting candy bar because it includes popcorn, yes popcorn in a candy bar. The side of the package says, "A Moose of a different sort. Our Moose Munch bars are made with a rich, smooth fudgy center, plus our signature snack - fluffy white popcorn, buttery caramel and crisp nuts all dipped in sweet milk chocolate. Extravagant? You bet!"

The ingredients are what intrigued me enough to purchase one and give it a try. This candy bar is messy, which I find to be a great quality for candy bars. I think the whole point to candy is that it is fun, messy, and tastes great. It's the idea that you are transported back to your youth, sitting outside in the sun after you've ridden your bike down to the gas station to spend your hard earned money on something fun to eat. Something that sticks to your hands, gets chocolate on your fingers, turns your tongue colors etc.. The current mass produced candy we all enjoy is made to be easy to eat. A Snickers is probably designed by engineers to never crumble, never mess and be eaten in a nice easy fashion. I do enjoy a snickers bar every now and then, nothing against it, but there's something about a messy candy bar that crumbles, flakes, drips caramel on your chin, melts on your hands and takes you back to being a kid again.

The popcorn was indeed very crispy and blends very well with the caramel inside this bar. The chocolate was a great quality, great tasting chocolate and tended to linger a bit along with the decadent fudge taste. The fudge is what makes this bar taste very rich, satisfying and was also nice and smooth on the tongue. The nuts inside this bar were not stale which is something I taste first in any candy bar with nuts as an ingredient. It always seems like nuts are the first to go bad inside any candy bar which really distracts from the other ingredients. There was a great ratio and mix to all of the ingredients where every bite had a bit of each in it. The popcorn did stick to your teeth which added to the experience in my opinion.

This bar was $1.99 for 2 oz. at Target. That is a large price for a candy bar. The Moose Munch bar was fantastic but more of a luxury item at this price point and not something I'd purchase often. It was fantastic but I can't decide if it's worth $1.50 more on average than a Snickers. I know that sounds odd when I just said it's everything a candy bar eating experience should be but a Snickers is pretty satisfying, pun intended. However, it's always nice to try something different and this bar did not disappoint.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It (lost 1 point for price)
Calorie Counter: 1 bar = 1 serving = 300 calories, 21 grams fat
Moose Munch - Milk Chocolate Bar


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