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michael scamacca

Bring back my favorite candy bar. POWERHOUSE.


i rember power house candy bars being sold at a store called big bear it was a farm store like fleet farm i think they were about 5 cents a bar my brothers and me get a bar every time we went there i have looked for them for years after


I was in college when they stopped making the POWERHOUSE bar ... Which I think was right around 1986-1988. The POWERHOUSE was and shall always be the best candy bar every made! I think a Snickers bar would be much closer to the POWERHOUSE than a Baby Ruth ... Either way, the POWERHOUSE bar blew them both away. If I remember correctly, the last POWERHOUSE bars had a blue wrapper with red writing. I can remember being very sad when I read about the company deleting the greatest candy bar ever from existence. Damn, now I am depressed all over again.

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