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Making History Monday: Peter Paul - PowerHouse candy bar wrapper - 1970's

Peter Paul Candies was started in 1919 by Peter Paul Halajian and 5 friends. The first candy bar they made was the Konabar, which was a coconut, fruits, nuts and chocolate bar. Peter Paul also made two other very popular bars with coconut, the Mounds bar and Almond Joy bar. In 1966 the Peter Paul candies company purchased the Walther H. Johnson Candy Company which was the original maker of the PowerHouse bar. The assumption is that this bar was launched in the late 1920s. This was a candy bar made of peanuts, fudge, and caramel, enrobed in chocolate. The early bars were $.05 and weighed a hefty 4 ounces! To put that in comparison, a King Size Snickers bar is 3.29 ounces. The bars were made into a smaller size at some point in the timeline but it had to be in the 1960s or 1970s. Peter Paul was purchased by Hershey in 1988. I'm not quite sure when the PowerHouse bar quit production but the current replacement would be a Baby Ruth bar. Lets hope Hershey brings this bar back at some point, it sounds fantastic!


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michael scamacca

Bring back my favorite candy bar. POWERHOUSE.


i rember power house candy bars being sold at a store called big bear it was a farm store like fleet farm i think they were about 5 cents a bar my brothers and me get a bar every time we went there i have looked for them for years after


I was in college when they stopped making the POWERHOUSE bar ... Which I think was right around 1986-1988. The POWERHOUSE was and shall always be the best candy bar every made! I think a Snickers bar would be much closer to the POWERHOUSE than a Baby Ruth ... Either way, the POWERHOUSE bar blew them both away. If I remember correctly, the last POWERHOUSE bars had a blue wrapper with red writing. I can remember being very sad when I read about the company deleting the greatest candy bar ever from existence. Damn, now I am depressed all over again.

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