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My favorite Holiday for candy is definitely Easter. I absolutely love Cadbury mini eggs (link goes to Candyblog review). I just can't wait for Easter to arrive so I can buy several of the family-sized purple bags to save and eat throughout the year. They are very similar in taste to the Cadbury Solid Milk Chocolates I reviewed and loved in December. I'm sure at this point you are wondering why I'm talking about Easter and Christmas candy, but I'm getting to that.

Imagine my surprise when I purchased the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar at my local Wal-Mart and I found out it tastes pretty darn close, if not identical, to the chocolate in my favorite Easter candy! I couldn't believe my taste buds for a few minutes. Same wonderful milky chocolate? Yes. Same really sweet chocolate taste? Yes. All that's missing is the candy coated shell and I can live without that, although I do really enjoy it. Wow, all this time I've passed these bars up at the store and I could have eaten my favorite chocolate year round, I feel so dumb. Dumb, but happily eating Cadbury in January.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

This chocolate has such a wonderful flavor. This is a typical chocolate bar shape with divided squares that you can snap off and eat or share. As I said earlier it's a very sweet milky chocolate that melts so smoothly in your mouth and coats your tongue and cheeks with velvety milky chocolate. My 5 1/2 year old wants to make sure that I mention it's hard to snap when you've lost your two front teeth and I can imagine it is. There is a great snap to this chocolate bar. It is just such a delicious chocolate, I really can't recommend it enough. I'm absolutely in love with Cadbury Milk Chocolate and Easter is just around the corner!

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 3.5oz bar = 2.5 servings = 7 blocks per serving = 200 calories per serving, 11g fat
Price: $1.50 at Wal Mart


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