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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit


Did you know that Bournville train station, which is next to Cadbury's headquarters, is painted from top to bottom in that lovely shade of purple! :)


Thank you for the comment. I did look up the train station you mentioned and Wikipedia has pictures. I had no idea there was a Cadbury World there too! I knew they had a Cadbury World in New Zealand since we've been by it on our trip there. I might have to see the U.K. one now to complete my Cadbury World Tour. :P

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

Cadbury World in Birmingham is just evil! I'm sure that when I left there I was about 20lbs heavier than when I went in! :D

It's well worth a visit, but if I ever go back I'm going to have to exert a *lot* of self control!

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