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Making History Monday: Love Nest Bar

As Valentine's Day gets closer and closer I'm reminded of a candy bar my Grandmother told me about. It was a $.05 candy bar called the "Love Nest". My grandpa used to hide one in her apron pocket after he'd been to town. This was a classic nut roll recipe: a fudge center with caramel, peanuts and then chocolate on the outside. Two candy bars still being made today that would be similar in composition would be the Baby Ruth and Oh Henry! candy bars.

The sad thing about long forgotten candy bars is that sometimes history dies with them. It is thought that there have been over 100,000 candy bars made and sold in North America. With that many bars, it's not going to be possible to find information on all of them. I tried my best Google-Fu and came up short on information about this bar. If you have more information on this candy bar, please leave a comment. I do know that the Love Nest candy bar was made by The Euclid Candy Company of Cleveland, Ohio. I did find a great picture of a Love Nest advertisement on Flickr though!

Love Nest


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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

I haven't looked into this in quite a while, so this is off the top of my head:

I know the Love Nest was introduced c.1925 by the Euclid Candy Company (who seemed to have operations in California, Illinois and New York). I don't remember them having a facility in Ohio, but I'm probably misremembering there.

I believe that Euclid was sold to Circus Foods in 1956. I don't know what happened to Euclid's brands after this. The original agreement was that Euclid would continue to operate as a semi-independent department, but I don't know how long that lasted.

Thanks for the image, I don't think I'd seen what a Love Nest looked like before now. In cross section, it looks almost exactly like a modern Canadian Oh Henry doesn't it?


I found an old advertisement at one time that had the exact address for The Euclid Candy Company on it. I made a note of it in my candy history book but I'm not sure I can find that advertisement again.

Awesome information and thank you for posting!

I just added your site to my blog list, thank you for the comments on my last few posts, I greatly appreciate it!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

You're welcome! Anything to help a fellow candy lover! :D

If you do find out more about the Euclid Candy Co, I'd be fascinating in reading about it--they seem to be one of the great forgotten candy companies. Back in the day they were huge!

Michael Daly

The difference between a Love Nest and an O'Henry's bar was that the latter has whole or half peanuts embedded in the chocolate, whereas Love Nest had small pieces of peanuts in the chocolate.
In addition, the center of the Love Nest wasn't fudge but a type of nougat (I think).


Thank you for the reply Michael, it's so hard to find good information about long forgotten candy bars.

Susanna Shutz Robar

Hi! Interesting article and coments. I have a candy bar wrapper for a "Hop-Skip and Jump" candy bar (I have no idea what kind it was), and it is listed as being from The Euclid Candy Co. in San Francisco. The wrapper is made of a velum type of paper, is blue and white. There are three other candy bar names on the outer edges of the wrapper: "Lady Luck", "Cherry Flapper", "Love Nest". Under the "Cherry Flapper" name, it says "The Chocolate-Coconut-Cherry Delight". Any other information from anyone would be appreciated.


Susanna - thank you for the comment and for visiting my site. I've never heard of that candy bar or many of the others you mention. That sounds like a very interesting wrapper. I would suggest contacting someone like Jason, He has entire pages of scanned wrappers. It sounds like you have something rare.

Gianni LaRosa

Love Nest's candy bars were the very best candy bars ever. I know because I was an expert when it came to them. I ate a million Love Nests when I was a kid. The closest thing to a Love Nest would be Baby Ruth. Very, very close indeed both in ingredients, flavor and quality. O Henry bars weren't anything like a Love Nest except that it was a candy bar. Totally a different candy bar. Good, but not as good as a Love Nest.I wish I had a box of them now!


To Michael Daly re. your post of 1/31/2010:

You are correct. Love Nest had a nougat center. Thanks for remembering.

Jay Allen

Jessie Chadwick

I do not know much about the Love Nest but my great grandfather created the Baby Ruth and Oh Henry bar. He worked for the Euclid Candy Company of Cleveland. His name was Henry William Kimak. I grew up hearing the stories of how those 2 candy bars go there name but i will not go into detail publicly about that.

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