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Russell Stover Coconut Cream Heart Wrapped in Dark Chocolate

Russell Stover is a Midwest candy company that makes a very nice selection of chocolate candy. Our local Walgreen's always carries their various holiday candy and at $.50 the price is right for a coconut cream heart to review.

We tried the milk chocolate version of this coconut cream at Christmas and did not review it. The Valentine's version has changed with a dark chocolate cover instead of milk. In our opinion, this was a fantastic change to this candy! The dark chocolate layer was nice and thick with a very good dark chocolate flavor.
Russell Stover Coconut Cream Heart Wrapped in Dark Chocolate
The inside of this candy is almost too sweet for my taste. There is a very nice fluffy marshmallow-type inside that has a really good coconut taste. It's more of a real coconut taste and not a fake chemical taste like the coconut M&Ms I reviewed in an earlier article. You could even feel tiny bits of coconut in the whipped fluff that gave it a nice natural coconut feel/taste. The coconut flavor would linger for a little while and you can use your tongue to work the coconut out of your teeth. At 1.0oz this was a great size and even looked like a heart, which isn't always the case (compared to the Valentine heart-blob I'll review soon). This would make a nice small Valentine's surprise for your sweetheart.
Russell Stover Coconut Cream Heart Wrapped in Dark Chocolate
Taste: 3/5 Liked It
Calorie Counter: 1 piece = 1 serving = 120 calories, 5g fat
Price: $.50 at Walgreens


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