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Gimbal's Cherry Lovers Fruit Chews

I read the review for this candy on Candyblog and decided I did not want to buy or review this product from Gimbal's. However, Walgreens had a lot of leftover bags for 50% off and I'm not one to pass up half off candy, so I picked up a bag.

First off, I'll admit the gorgeous packaging drew me in to this candy. It has an old fashioned retro feel to it, much like other Gimbal's products. The fonts on the packaging are beautiful and go very well together. I think one of the things we often miss when buying candy is the packaging. I love looking at old wrappers from the past and comparing them to new wrappers of today. Gimbal's did an amazing job on this product's packaging. My favorite part is the giant picture of cherries on the front. They are large and beautiful and draw me into this candy so much more so than something like a plain brown Hershey wrapper. I love the Gimbal's logo and have always found it to be a work of art in itself. The pictures on the back (see photo below) do a very good job of laying out each flavor/color of cherry fruit chew so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Gimbals Cherry Lovers Fruit Chews

After you get past the pictures, the description of this candy also draws you in. "If you like cherries - only Real Cherry flavor will do." "Go ahead treat yourself! With 9 juicy flavors - life's a bowl of cherries!" There are also several other phrases that point out the "heathly" aspect of this candy, which both SugarMama and I chuckled about like..."High in Antioxidant Vitamin C" "Cherry Lovers fruit chews are made with Real Cherry Juice. And they are High in Antioxidant Vitamin C - so you can feel good about every delicious bite!" Oh my goodness, it's healthy for you, I should eat an entire bag! I love it when candy tries to sell itself as "healthy", it cracks me up. If I want Vitamin C, I'll eat an orange!

Okay, enough about the packaging, I'm sure you want to know how they taste. The first thing I noticed is that these are flavored all the way through like Jelly Belly beans or Gimbal's own Gourmet Jelly Beans. They obviously used flavoring in the sugar panned shell and the chewy inside of this candy. The shell is nice and thick which is something I love in jelly beans. They had a fantastic texture and nice sugary taste and yes, you definitely taste cherry in these hearts. Here's how each flavor tasted:

Chocolate Cherry: tasted like a tootsie roll with a light hint of cherry flavoring.

Black Cherry: definitely a black cherry taste, reminded me of of black cherry Kool-Aid or Jello.

Cherry Vanilla: this was a nice combination of cherry and vanilla. You taste the cherry first and the fake vanilla flavor slowly creeps in. I didn't mind the fake vanilla taste but I didn't like how long it lingered after you were done chewing the candy.

Wild Cherry: this was a very, very, very cherry flavor - tastes very good but at one point I thought it had a slight bubble gum flavor (??) I don't know, my tastes buds were messing with me on this one.

Cherry Daiquiri: this was a lime and vanilla mix that had a 7-up flavor to it and then cherry. I wasn't crazy about it, but my wife picked all of these out and ate them up.

Cherry Cheesecake: nice cherry flavor with a very light cheesecake flavor that reminded me of marshmallows, very odd.

Bing Cherry: this was a tangy flavor that did remind me of the cherries that grow in our orchard. It definitely reminded of us of eating one of those cherries off the tree.

Kiwi Cherry: very, very, very kiwi - overpowering in its flavor. Slight cherry flavor, but oh my, we couldn't eat more than one of these, it was just too much.

Cherry Cola: this was by far my favorite of the 9 flavors. It had a great cola flavor with a very light cherry taste, but was mostly cola, I LOVE,D IT!

Gimbal's Cherry Lovers Fruit Chews

Overall, I'd say these flavors were good, some were much much better than others, but overall I did like the whole bag. I love jelly beans and since I've liked every Gimbal's product I've tried so far. I am not surprised that I liked this bag too. The cherry flavor also reminds me of another Valentine's favorite of mine, the Brach's Sour Cherry Jels.

Other reviews of these Gimbal's Cherry Fruit Chews can be found here and here.

Taste: 3.5/5 Liked It/Really Liked It (overall score for all 9 flavors, loved several flavors, disliked others)
Calorie Counter: 10 pieces = 1 serving = 140 calories, 0g fat
Price: $1.50 (50% off after V-Day) at Walgreen's
Gimbal's Cherry Lovers Fruit Chews


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Haha, I think I ended up picking all the Daiquiri ones out too!

Even though I didn't like the flavors, the Cinnamon Lava Balls they do are so great, I'd love to see them do some spice jelly bean styled ones someday.


I agree the Cinnamon Lava Balls are fantastic! At Christmas time one year, I found a pear and cherry gummy type chew that I absolutely fell in love with and haven't found since. I like their gourmet beans too, but they are not as easy to find as Jelly Belly brand jelly beans. Thanks for the comment!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

I'm a fan of Gimbal's quality and the heart shapes are cool (they must be a bit of a pain to pan!), but I think these'd be too much cherry for me! :)


Have you tried the Honey Lovers of this brand? I was so curious about both and totally drawn in by the packaging like you said. I have never seen these anywhere in Seattle.


I have the Honey Lovers in my candy stash, but haven't tried them yet. I really should review them, they look soooooo good! Thank you for the comment.

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