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Heart Shaped Junior Mints

Happy Valentine's Day! I still have 2 more Valentine's candy reviews I need write. Today, I wanted to start with a family favorite. Our family loves Junior Mints. The minty taste, the hint of chocolate...they are a fantastic candy produced by Tootsie Roll Industries.

If my memory is correct, these heart-shaped Junior Mints came out around 2006 or so. I remember thinking at the time, and still believe today, that this is a holiday-edition candy done right. Usually I hate the standard-shaped candy transformed to holiday shapes that companies offer, but in this particular case, I might like the holiday version better!

What I like about this version is the size. It is roughly double the size of a normal Junior Mint. That means double the minty! Which is the entire reason you eat a Junior Mint, right? My rough estimate is that half of the Junior Mints have the red coloring in them. I didn't notice that they tasted any different, but I'm not a super taster by any means. Some people can taste the red dye and dislike this candy because of that, but not me. SugarKid and I pretended we were vampires trying to sniff out the red "blood" hearts "to suck their blood, muahahahahaha". (It was all in good fun.)

I would highly recommend these Junior Mints. They are a very pleasant spin on the original. I also appreciate the lower calories of Junior Mints compared to other candy I've reviewed.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 7 pieces = 1 serving = 160 calories, 3g fat
Price: $1.09 at Walgreen's
Heart Shaped Junior Mints


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