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Candy Professor

You're so lucky to have Pearson's in your neighborhood! I never saw a Nut Goodie until last summer when I was in a Wisconsin gas station. Whew! What a candy! We passed the factory on the way to the St. Paul Airport, and I was so curious about what might be going on inside. Did you ever take a tour?


The Pearson's Candy Company does not offer tours of their facilities. :( I *wish* we could go, the smell of sugar, candy and taste testing oh my!

Regional candy bars still exist, we also have the Palmer Candy Company nearby that makes the Twin Bing. A Cherry/Chocolate/Peanut candy that's pretty good. Thanks for commenting!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

Great history! It's a crying shame the Seven Up bar died. I guess the nearest thing you can get today is Necco's Sky Bar.

Ah well, I'd love to have tried a Seven Up!

Candy Professor

We definitely need a candy time machine.


I agree, a candy time machine would be incredible! When I look through the history, there are so many things we'll miss out on and never get to try.

Richard: have you tried the sky bar? I should review one at some point.


Will Pearson ever make the original Clark Candy Bar again?? It was the best!!


Do you mean the Bun? http://www.pearsonscandy.com/bun.aspx I cannot find another reference to Clark Bar other than the Bun, which is still sold today. Thanks for your comment!

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