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Candy Professor

I've seen these here in NY too; when I'm in northern Wisconsin (near Appleton, actually) I get very fresh, very good local caramels at the checkout of the little stores. So I'm not surprised these WI versions are above-average. Will try on your encouragement!


These are definitely worth a try. At $.33 apiece they do not break the bank either. Thank you for your comments, I do appreciate it.

Candy Professor

So today I had the L. Frances version. Oh, no...it was too good. A little crusty on the outside (sitting around for a few weeks), but fantastic flavor. And there it is, right at the register, just 33 little cents. Sugarpressure, you are leading me down the path of temptation....


I've had the L. Frances caramels and find them the best I've found, though your 4/5 rating for the L. Frances caramel begs the question. What caramel merits a 5/5 rating? I imagine it's probably a freshly-made store brand without national distribution. Hope to find the Vande Welles caramels at some point.

Thanks for the review.


For a 5/5 rating, a candy has to be absolutely perfect. There are very few candies that will get a 5/5 rating from me, but there's nothing wrong with a 4/5 "Really Liked It". I operate on a bell curve, with most of the candy I review getting a 3/5 "Liked It" or a 4/5 "Really Liked It" with only a few candies getting a 5/5 or 1/5, in fact, I don't think I've given a 1/5 yet, several 2/5 though "Did Not Like It".

Glad you found the candy and our site. Please keep reading I always like to read comments, thank you!

Michael Ford

There is a caramel company that will be opening its doors in early 2011 that will have everyone buzzing about their caramels. I know the owners very well and they send caramels all the time. I usually get about 5 boxes at a time and their orange caramel are to die for. If the maker of this website would like to try some of these caramels just let me know through an email correspondence.

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