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I have had an allergic reaction to your chocolate. Is there a different ingredient in this from other dark chocolate. I received a fine dark chocolate bar and only had a little piece of the candy bar a couple seperate occasions. Please let me know if there is something different in manufacturing? Please email me at jhart@harnett.k12.nc.us thanks!



This site is for reviews of candy. You should contact Greenbrier International which is The Dollar Tree if you had issues with your purchase.

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I just bought a Landmark Confections chocolate at the Dollar Tree. This one came in a shiny green wrapper and just said "Dark Chocolate with Mint" (Smooth & Creamy Cool Mint Center). For $1, I thought it was amazing. I thought it had a perfect balance of chocolate and mint. This one was cut into sections. Re-order #101077. USB: 39277-01077. If you find it, give it a try. I definitely thought it was worth the dollar! :)

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