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Bin Laden Bites Vegan Chocolate

I was trying to think of something to review for Earth Day today and I remembered reading this news story about PETA sending Bin Laden Bites Vegan chocolate to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. I've tried vegan chocolate before but thought this was a perfect chance to try it again. The chocolate is made by long time chocolatier, Harbor Candy. Harbor Candy guarantees that all of their vegan chocolate is entirely from non-animal sources and that no animal derived substances are used at any stage of the chocolate making.
Bin Laden Bites Vegan Chocolate Bin Laden Bites Vegan Chocolate

The photos above are how the chocolates arrived. Wrapped in plastic and inside a light green organza bag...a nice touch to dress up a chocolate order. There were 5 pieces of 2" X 2.5" chocolate squares. That makes each of these $3 a piece + shipping. A hefty price for chocolate; however, proceeds also go to help the PETA SNIP mobile clinic.
Bin Laden Bites Vegan Chocolate Bin Laden Bites Vegan Chocolate

The picture above is the chocolate I received on the left and the photo from the Peta page on the right. I think they did some major photoshopping of the product picture! Not a huge deal, but why not use a picture of your actual product? That seems odd to me. Their picture seems to be a much nicer representation of Bin Laden than what arrives on the actual chocolate. However you still get the idea of who's on the chocolate.

Bin Laden Bites Vegan Chocolate

I took a bite out of Bin Laden just for the fun of it in the picture above. The chocolate has a very nice chocolatey aroma. There is an excellent snap to this chocolate. It is slightly sweet and somewhat smokey. There is a slightly bitter aftertaste. I'm not a chocolate connoisseur, but this is a decent dark chocolate. So, Happy Earth Day, to all of you, vegan and not, who are in search of good chocolate. Even if we all don't agree about whether to eat vegan or not, we can all agree that Bin Laden Bites!!

Bin Laden Bites Vegan Chocolate

Taste: 3/5 Liked It
Calorie Counter: Not Available
Price: $15.00 + $6.95 shipping purchased at Peta's Store
PETA catalog website


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I just find this weird on so many levels. First that PETA is creating a campaign targeting military members to go vegan, but also that they're co-opting a hated figure as part of the scheme.

(Vegan chocolate is not that hard to find, what would be innovative if it was made by a truly vegan company, but Harbor Candy uses plenty of dairy in its other candies.)

Anyway, I'm glad you got to taste them and I am surprised at how different they look from the website.


I completely agree with you. I had similar comments in my review but took them out in the end. This was such an odd candy but I couldn't resist buying it. Thank you for your comments!

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