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Candy Professor

Your photos just keep getting better and better! Especially that middle one, the contrast in the focus really makes the cut piece pop out, while giving a great kissy background. I'm thinking I need to go to candy photo school.


Thank you very much for the compliment and comment. I really appreciate it.

I have to do more post processing to get my photos to turn out like this set. I do not always have the time as my Cadbury photos show. I was hurried in shooting and posting those. :(

My current setup is a white box made out of cardboard and white paper with desk lamps providing the lighting. It makes for some odd color hues in my pictures which I can get rid of in Photoshop if I have 5-6 minutes per photo. I've set a few goals for myself on posts, if I reach them, I'll start upgrading gear. Nicer light table, 60mm Nikon micro lense etc... I really do love how your photos turn out. Thanks again!

Ferrero Rocher philippines

The reason why I love kisses chocolate its because its very sweet chocolate does complement the creamy sweet butter creme filling inside this candy. Yummy and delicious.


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