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oh my gosh, my mouth is watering after reading this!! nice review. i, too, have been on a mission to find these babies. which store did you find them at? i'm so jealous!


Thank you for the comment Christina. I found these at our local WalMart, in the checkout aisle. Normally WalMart is not the best place to find new candy which made this find so surprising. Normally I find the newest stuff at independent gas stations or truck stops. Walgreens and CVS do a pretty good job too. Good luck finding some!


I need to find these.

Only 150 cals and 5g of fat? Wow.


It's a much smaller package to get it down to 150 calories. Peanut M&M's are 1.74 ounces, these are only 1.14 ounces. These are well worth the purchase though. I stopped back at WalMart last night to pick up some batteries and the freshly opened boxes of Pretzel M&M's were almost all gone. People were snapping them up like crazy! Thank you for the comment.


i'm going to head to wal-mart right away! i too have been hunting for these ever since they were announced. i'm so excited for you that you found them!


Saw these at Sam's Club in St. Louis yesterday!


That's great! I'm glad they are being stocked at more stores now. Thank you for the comment and for reading Sugarpressure.com


Found a bag of these the other day -- fantastic. Hoping against hope these make it into the regular lineup....


They taste like chocolate covered stale saltines (absolutely gross) and I happen to be a big fan of chocolate covered pretzels.

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