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The Madelaine Chocolate Company - Malt Eggs & Easter Eggs

Madelaine Milk Chocolate Malt Eggs Madelaine Easter Eggs Milk Chocolate

I know it's past Easter but I purchased this candy, loved it and think it needs to be reviewed. Madelaine is a company that, I think, deserves more fans. I'm happy to toot their horn, although a bit late for Easter.
The first thing I noticed about this candy is the packaging. I love how the beautiful spring/Easter colors alternate on the two packages, green in place of yellow and yellow in place of green. The slightly darker colored cursive Ms are a very nice touch. I really like the ribbons tied to them, the little cards that tell you what the candy is and I absolutely love the font and wording at the bottom of each package, *Smooth & Rich* CHOCOLATE. It's bold, it's in large letters, it's CHOCOLATE!!!! The see-through window is perfect because this candy is beautiful. Why not show it off? The malted milk eggs show through in large vibrant colors and the foil wrapped Easter eggs look amazing with the little peak that windows gives you. All around great packaging. I almost love the packaging as much as I love the candy.

Then, you open those beautifully decorated packages and you see all of this beautiful candy instead of just that little peak the window gives you.

Madelaine Milk Chocolate Malt Eggs

Madelaine Easter Eggs Milk Chocolate

The wrapped eggs are a perfect size of chocolate to snack on. The malted eggs are GIGANTIC and....I LOVE THEM.
Madelaine Milk Chocolate Malt Eggs Madelaine Easter Eggs Milk Chocolate

The chocolate is smooth and creamy. It's like a Dove chocolate in that regard, but it's also a smooth and milky chocolate like a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Sugar is listed as the first ingredient, but there's no sugar burn in your throat with this chocolate. It has a fruity/flowery smell and taste, which is very pleasant. There are very few ingredients, which I really appreciate in this age of food chemicals and additives. The chocolate has an even and excellent "melt" in your mouth. This goes for both the solid chocolate eggs and the chocolate covered malted milk balls. I love malted milk, so the size of this candy is perfect. Plenty of chocolate, sugary outside coating and a very nice amount of malted milk. I would definitely say both candies were the perfect size.

We've never tried this brand of chocolate before and, I admit, there's always something fun in trying new candy and chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised at how good both of these candies were. Perfect size, fantastic packaging and wonderful taste. It's the small things that make a BIG difference in candy for me. For instance, look at the gold foil packaging photo below, it's not your average cheap silver tinfoil. This is a thick gold foil that peals easily and helps to set this candy apart from other candy on the shelf. I highly recommend you try these or any of the other Madelaine Chocolates. They taste even better than they look.

Madelaine Easter Eggs Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Malted Eggs
Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 3.5 pieces = 1 serving= 190 calories, 9g fat
Price: $1.49 on clearance at Kohl's
The Madelaine Chocolate Company

Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs
Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 6 pieces = 1 serving= 220 calories, 13g fat
Price: $1.49 on clearance at Kohl's
The Madelaine Chocolate Company


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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

Those chocolate Easter eggs, particularly, look good!


I highly recommend them. I went back and bought more of the solid milk chocolate eggs. I put them in my long term candy storage so I can break them out later this summer and enjoy them. It's a very, very good chocolate company that is often overlooked and shouldn't be. Thanks for the comment!

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