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Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds

Feliz Cinco De Mayo - Candy From Mexico

We visited our local Mexican market and found some fun candy. We love eating at the little restaurant attached to the market, but have not shopped around the market beyond the few items my wife loves. I found several different pieces of candy, at really great prices, that seem like a good fit for Cinco de Mayo.

Nestle - Carlos V

This is the Carlos V bar made by Nestle. It is a solid chocolate .75oz bar. My first thought after biting into this bar was "Who was this guy? and Why do they hate him so much to immortalize him in such a horrible tasting bar?"  Obviously, the chocolate was not good at all. (If you didn't know, Carlos V was the 1st King of Spain.  And he is not hated.)  This bar was chalky, way too sweet and not good, in my opinion. However, while I might not like this bar, tastes vary from country to country, and this may appeal more to taste buds in Latin America.

Ricolino - Kranky Ricolino - Kranky

I bought this candy because I loved the name, Kranky K.  Who names a candy Kranky K? I like the little K mascot on the front with his funny face (which doesn't look kranky to me).  Since, the Ritter Sport CornFlakes bar is my absolute favorite, when I read this was "Corn Flakes with Chocolate Flavoring Coating", I just had to try it. The chocolate isn't great, I'm not even sure it's real chocolate, but I found these strangely addicting. I couldn't stop eating them while taking these pictures.  This was a great find.

Ricolino - Bubu Lubu Ricolino - Bubu Lubu

I'll be honest, I bought this one for the name too! Bubu Lubu, so fun to say!  I asked my wife, "Would you care for a Bubu Lubu?", and she asked me not to talk like that in front of the children. (JK!)  This is a chocolate coated bar with a layer of strawberry jelly and a layer of marshmallow. The marshmallow is soft, spongy and super sweet while the strawberry jelly is nice and tangy and provided a great balance to the marshmallow. I loved the taste of this right off the shelf but decided to freeze one, and oh my, these are SUPER DELICIOUS FROZEN!

Hershey - Crayon Mango & Strawberry

This candy was made for SugarKid. It's the only conclusion I can arrive at after tasting it. Either kids will love it, or it's some kind of horrible candy used as a way to teach kids not to eat glue/paste at school. Honestly, this was a horrible, horrible candy, and I love most candy. This had the consistency of paste with a totally fake flavor, horrible taste and even worse aftertaste.

Hershey - Crayon Mango & Strawberry Hershey - Crayon Mango & Strawberry

This Crayola-shaped candy works by taking the top off of it, then twisting the bottom like deodorant. You can see in the pictures above that this causes the candy to "ooze" out of the top in a very unappealing manner. However, just like the candy I reviewed earlier this week, I'm not the target audience for this candy. SugarKid loved it. He thought the container was fun, the candy tasted great and that this was the greatest invention ever. I think my 6 year old's palate has some growing up to do!

There you go, some fun Mexican candy for Cinco De Mayo. I won't give ratings on all of it since I gave my impression in the reviews. These were all priced very inexpensively. Most of them were less than $.50 If you are near a Mexican market or store, stop in and see what they have. The Bubu Lubu really surprised me and I'm really glad I bought it. I hope you find something you like too.


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They sell Bubu Lubu and Carlos V at a lot of stores here in Los Angeles, including 7-11 and Target now.

I think Bubu Lubu is fun, because there really isn't another bar like it on the market, so it fills a hole. But the Carlos V is terrible. I think, like many Nestle products, it was good at one time (at least it was better when I remember having it about 10 years ago) but now it's not even real chocolate.


That makes sense for LA, I'm sure parts of Texas have these next to Hershey bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at gas stations too.

They odd thing about Nestle products is that their overseas Kit Kats are great and I also sort of like the Aero, but their U.S. products are really bad. (I haven't tried the new formula Crunch yet)

Thanks for the comments and for reading my review!


I think cheap-choc is always a matter of familiarity... I kind of learned to love the Carlos V when I was in LA--because they were cheap--and that "rectangle of malted wax" thing kind of grows on you...

... just like Hershey's, which is not just an acquired taste--but, I think, has to be introduced during gestation in order to really "stick". Except for the Cookies'n'Cream, which plays on the universal human predilection for speckled things...


I completely agree with you Perry and tastes vary wildly throughout different regions. Your comment on sparkly things made me laugh, so true, but funny. Thanks for the comments and for reading my review!

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