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They sell Bubu Lubu and Carlos V at a lot of stores here in Los Angeles, including 7-11 and Target now.

I think Bubu Lubu is fun, because there really isn't another bar like it on the market, so it fills a hole. But the Carlos V is terrible. I think, like many Nestle products, it was good at one time (at least it was better when I remember having it about 10 years ago) but now it's not even real chocolate.


That makes sense for LA, I'm sure parts of Texas have these next to Hershey bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at gas stations too.

They odd thing about Nestle products is that their overseas Kit Kats are great and I also sort of like the Aero, but their U.S. products are really bad. (I haven't tried the new formula Crunch yet)

Thanks for the comments and for reading my review!


I think cheap-choc is always a matter of familiarity... I kind of learned to love the Carlos V when I was in LA--because they were cheap--and that "rectangle of malted wax" thing kind of grows on you...

... just like Hershey's, which is not just an acquired taste--but, I think, has to be introduced during gestation in order to really "stick". Except for the Cookies'n'Cream, which plays on the universal human predilection for speckled things...


I completely agree with you Perry and tastes vary wildly throughout different regions. Your comment on sparkly things made me laugh, so true, but funny. Thanks for the comments and for reading my review!

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