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Candy Professor

So I think, based on your reviews of the peanut butter version and this "X-treme," that we can arrive at a theory of Snickers modification: if you add stuff in, it gets even better (within reason, I doubt Snickers Bacon would work for me). If you take stuff out, not good. I think this works for Milky Way Caramel also.
By the way, you are so cruel to review the best candy bar ever made and then say, oh, but you mortals can't have it until December! How will I survive!


Now that you say that, I think you are absolutely correct! Snickers are absolutely perfect, you should not mess with a winning formula.

Sorry about the tease, I couldn't wait until December to review the PB Snickers though. I'm thinking I'll have to review it again in December, just in case the formula changed. :P


Great reviews!! Totally agree on both - missed the nougat in the Extreme, love the peanut butter!! And please, dear God, I hope they don't make Snickers bacon!!


Thank you Denise, love your site by the way. Yes, the peanut butter was great, I'm sad I have to wait until December for more.

I've never thought of a Snickers Bacon, but I but that have it in some lab somewhere ready to go! Maybe a special edition for the Midwest, I'd love that.

Thank you for your comment!


Have always loved Snickers, but I'm a big fan of the Snickers Xtreme. I can do without the nougat. I was buying my bars out of the machine at work, then decided to buy a box from Sam's Club to save money.

At the time, I thought my bars from Sam's tasted better because I paid less for them. Then one day I forgot to bring the bar from home, went to machine and wondered why my Snickers bar tasted 'weak'.

I'm ecstatic over the extra nuts and lack of nougat. What the heck is nougat anyway besides extra sweetness?


Snickers Xtreme .... Not a good idea . My mouth will never be satisfied with that .


Just bought ( by mistake ) I almost broke a tooth on that thing...thought it might have been outdated, but it wasn't....putting it in the fridge probably was a big mistake


lol..that's too funny Peter, thanks for the comment. Note to Self: DO NOT put Snickers Xtreme in the refrigerator!

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