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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

Yeah, I reckon these are squarely aimed at the adult market. Perhaps at the 20-somethings?

I've seen these fellas around but haven't tried any yet: I was worried they'd have a horrible, mushy consistency. So I'm glad you mention that they actually have a nice texture. Next time I see them, I'll pick some up.

Candy Professor

At Wal Mart in Wisconsin they had them at the register in a fabulous round tin with about 12-15 candies inside. I think the price was around 2.50, a little steep at the register but I couldn't resist, just for the tin. I couldn't decide if I liked them or not, but if I ate one I had to eat a few more. Something about the sour/sweet, powder/jelly that gets you into a rhythm. But I hear what you're saying about the ol' pancreas. Definitely a problem.


I winced at the price too-- but now, I am hooked!! I love these clementine orange candies--omg! I'm hoping the price will go down or they will put out a good coupon. ;-)


Thank you for your comments. I hope the price will go down too but I'm not sure if Nestle/Wonka will do that since they want these candies to be "premium". Thanks for reading my review!

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