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Chocolaterie Stam

On our visits exploring the Midwest (and beyond) we usually stop at every candy and chocolate store we can find. Over the July 4th holiday weekend we stopped at Chocolaterie Stam in Ames, Iowa. They have several locations around the midwest and if you are in the neighborhood of one, you should stop by and see what they offer.

Chocolaterie Stam Chocolate Pieces Box

In the picture above you can see our selection of chocolate, we paid $11.72 for this selection, which I thought was rather reasonable.  The chocolate was somewhere around $13.74/lb. These are chocolate bonbons with a very very creamy inside. I absolutely love the chocolate molds they use: frogs, rum barrels, mice, maple leafs, butterflies, etc.  They are all very beautiful, very creative, and very crisp.

Chocolaterie Stam

In the above photo you can see their beautiful display....a candy and chocolate lovers dream. They were very helpful in the store and answered every question I had for them. The flavors they offered were fantastic and the creamy interior of these bonbons was simply amazing. It's hard to describe how creamy, light and wonderful these flavors were. You can order their products online if you'd like, I highly recommend it, but the point of this article is to remind you to stop by a local chocolate or candy store, what you find inside might surprise you.


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I LOVE Chocolaterie Stam! We have one here in Chapel Hill, NC. Delish!!! But love the point of your post - explore - there might be a gem right under your feet!


Thank you for the comment Denise! They are a great chocolate store and there are lots of stores like them in the U.S.

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