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Patric Chocolate Rio Caribe Superior 70%

Patric Chocolate Rio Caribe Superior 70

As I have said before, dark chocolate has never been my favorite. However, as I said in my review of the Patric Chocolate Madagascar 70% bar, I just wasn't tasting the "right" dark chocolate to begin with. If you are sitting at home munching on a Dove dark chocolate, you are not tasting "REAL" dark chocolate. That's beginner's chocolate. If you don't believe me, turn that bag over and look at the ingredients. Compare it to this chocolate, "Ingredients: Cocoa Beans and Sugar", that's it. Yes, now you realize, you've been eating chocolate with training wheels. I would highly suggest you break out and try this wonderful raw chocolate, you won't regret it.

I hope I still have your attention. If I do, let me describe Patric chocolate for you. This bar is hand-crafted in small batches by Alan McClure and his crew at Patric. They source the beans from organic and fair-trade sources that they visit themselves. What other company do you know that takes the time and effort to go to where their raw material comes from, work with the farmers and build relationships with them? I'll go out on a limb and tell you that there probably are not many companies that do that. Personally, I think it shows in their final product. These chocolate bars are like fine wine, not like the common checkout chocolate we are all used too.

Okay, back to the bar. I love this blog post by a worker at Patric describing the Bean to Bar process. Personally, I find the entire process pretty amazing. It should be noted that very few companies are bean to bar anymore. The packaging describes this bar as:

Hints of Fresh Cream and Floral Aromas Meld Beautifully with Notes of Roasted Almonds, Coffee and Dried Fruit

This is a very complex chocolate. I find it very hard to describe it as simply as the description on the box. In fact, several times while sampling, I kept telling myself that it was way too complex, because it was so flavorful. The taste is amazing. It was hard for me to identify the fruit flavors, but they are there. I could taste hints of nuts, it was hard to identify them individually, but they are there. The complexity of this chocolate seems like Las Vegas to me. Overstimulation and 1,000 signs, people and machines all trying to get my attention. Well, just like how I love going to Vegas, I love this bar and that complexity is what interests me and will keep me buying these chocolate bars. I did like the light and wonderful coffee taste of this bar. It was a great flavor that lingered at the end. This bar is somewhat bitter and I found it to be very dry with a somewhat medium melt time.


Patric Chocolate Bar

Overall, I love the packaging, the box is a work of art. The mold is simple and classic.  The gold foil is heavier than most foil I find on chocolate bars. I like the company's dedication to fine chocolate and once you taste one of these, you'll appreciate that too. This bar is like a work of art...and like all good art, it is more expensive than just sticking a poster to the wall, but the enjoyment you get from's totally worth it.

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: none given
Price: $6.30 per bar + shipping purchased at store
Patric Chocolate Web Site
Patric Chocolate Blog


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