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Stride Shift Flavor Changing Gum, Berry to Mint

Stride Shift Berry to Mint

I'm on a mission to try as many different gums as I can...and the next up is the Stride Shift Berry to Mint Flavor Changing Gum from Cadbury Adams. I previously reviewed the Citrus to Mint Stride Shift and found it okay, but a bit gimmicky for me. However, thanks to the Candy Professor for sending me this article from the NY Times on the marketing behind this gum. This gum is really targeting the 12-24 year old age range (which doesn't include me). This gum is for younger consumers because they "have a disdain for the ordinary and they like to be snapped out of boredom”. That's not really me, but I absolutely LOVE trying new candy and gum.

If you haven't guessed already, this gum changes flavor while you are chewing it. It starts out with a generic fakey kind of berry flavor and goes to mint in less than 2 minutes. The mint borders on a spearmint flavor which was okay in taste. After 4-5 minutes it had a bitter back-of-the-throat-hot-minty flavor. Honestly, I wasn't impressed, but I'm a simple Wrigley's DoubleMint kind of guy.

Stride Shift Berry to Mint Package

While I'm not overly impressed with the flavor, the packaging on this gum is absolutely fantastic. I love how the blue swirly theme is carried through the cardboard packaging to the wax paper on the gum (see picture above). I also chuckle at the TV advertisements and really applaud the marketing on this gum. In just 4 short years, Cadbury has taken Stride to the #4 spot for Sugar Free gum with 52 week sales hitting $211 Million. That is an awful lot of gum. So, while I might not enjoy it, there are an awful lot of people that do, and maybe you will too.

Gum Alert has reviewed the Berry to Mint Stride Shift and did not like it either.

Taste: 2/5 Did Not Like It
Calorie Counter: 1 piece = 1 serving = Less than 5 calories, 0g fat, 0g sugars
Price: Free Sample from Cadbury
Stride Shift Web Site


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