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I wonder if Jelly Belly makes these or if they're just repackaged Sconza Jaw Breakers.


I have one of the Bruisers but haven't tried eating it.

CandyWarehouse did a great photo shoot of a cross section:


I think you might be right. The packaging does say "Manufactured For: Jelly Belly Candy Company" but it does not say who manufactured it. Very odd, I thought Jelly Belly would have the capability to make this on their own?? Oh well, it was still very good. Thanks for the comment!


I think Jelly Belly's capable of making them, they're a panned candy and they certainly have lots of panning machines. But these huge jawbreakers take oodles of layers. I'd expect it's several days to weeks to make them. Sconza is pretty close by to Jelly Belly, they took over the old Hershey's factory in Oakdale, CA.

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