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Jelly Belly - Wrecking Ball - Jawbreaker

Jelly Belly Wrecking Ball Jawbreaker

I picked this unique candy up at a truck stop on our way home from a weekend away. I've always wondered how you are supposed to eat one of these things and when I saw it was made by Jelly Belly, I knew I had to try this out for myself (much to the distress of my dentist, I'm sure).  When I first saw this, I was very surprised that it was made by Jelly Belly. However, when you consider that jawbreakers are made with a hot panning process, the same as the exterior of a Jelly Belly jelly bean, I guess it's  only natural that Jelly Belly would be able to make something like this.

After pondering how to eat this, I ended up hitting it with a hammer to break it into pieces small enough to eat. What a mess that was!  Here I am on our tile floor, whacking away at a piece of candy (in a plastic baggie) trying to break it into smaller pieces. It's very surprising how hard something made out of sugar can be. I powdered some of it, some of it went into tiny little pieces and the rest broke off into bite-sized chunks. This whole process makes it even funnier that 1/3 of a piece is a serving.  How in the world would you only eat 1/3 of this thing? The bigger irony, of course, is that I bought it at a truck stop...and a trucker certainly could not eat it while driving or whack it with a hammer.  He'd have to take it home to eat later (like I did) or maybe a trucker might buy it to take home to the kids after a long trip?  I did find another method at Serious Eats on how to lick one of these for 3 days to get it eaten, I wasn't willing to try that myself. I do have a job I have to go to and they wouldn't be amused if I carried this around licking it all day. This candy is about as large as a racquet ball and would be sticky mess if you just carried it around licking it.  I realize it is meant as a novelty candy....it is just so absurd!

Absurd as it is, I love the beautiful red color on the outside with small flecks of other colors in it. Once you get this open (smacked open with a hammer or some similar method) you can see a beautiful rainbow of colors inside. I couldn't get a good picture of the inside but there's a good picture at the Serious Eats link above. The packaging says this is flavored orange, lime, grape, lemon and cherry. You can taste the flavors slightly on the inside and I have to admit this is the best jawbreaker I've ever had. The flavor reminded me a bit of a Gobstopper, only better, more flavorful and less sugar-y. As difficult as it was to eat, I can imagine buying this again, this would make a magnificent "big prize" on an Easter Egg Hunt, a super birthday gift for any boy aged 7-10, or something that would make a work day around the house a little more fun for my son.  I can hear it now, "I am done hanging this picture, now pass me that jawbreaker before I put the hammer away."

Jelly Belly Jawbreaker size compare

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 1/3 of this piece = 1 serving= 160 calories, 0g fat, 39g sugars
Price: $2.29 purchased at a Truck Stop
Jelly Belly Web Site


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I wonder if Jelly Belly makes these or if they're just repackaged Sconza Jaw Breakers.


I have one of the Bruisers but haven't tried eating it.

CandyWarehouse did a great photo shoot of a cross section:


I think you might be right. The packaging does say "Manufactured For: Jelly Belly Candy Company" but it does not say who manufactured it. Very odd, I thought Jelly Belly would have the capability to make this on their own?? Oh well, it was still very good. Thanks for the comment!


I think Jelly Belly's capable of making them, they're a panned candy and they certainly have lots of panning machines. But these huge jawbreakers take oodles of layers. I'd expect it's several days to weeks to make them. Sconza is pretty close by to Jelly Belly, they took over the old Hershey's factory in Oakdale, CA.

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