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I bought one of those last year around this time. (I'm wondering if CVS is the only B&M store that sells them.)

I agree that the ratios are a bit off. If the chocolate was better, I wouldn't mind, but it's far too sweet on its own.

We cut one up like a pie and had it for an office birthday, it was actually good that way.


I'll need one sturdy chair, a glass of milk, and about an hour's suspension of my self-respect.


Thank you for the comments!

Cybele, I think you are right, I think this was CVS only, at least in my area. Very interesting you used it as a pie! Did you pipe icing on top of it? I found your review and linked to it, sorry I did not check that earlier.

Foodjunk, LOL! I could not have said it better myself.


Awesome comparison shots. I'm afraid if I brought this into the house I'd take the whole package down myself.


I'd be just fine if they ever want to sell their peanut butter inside with out the chocolate. I have always either broken the chocolate off and tossed it, or nibbled the chocolate off in an attempt to get the perfect peanut butter pattie all by itself. Can you imagine what you could do with a tub of that PB filling? Now THAT'S a birthday gift!


Hee, hee - I loved this! I reviewed tha giant Reese's cup a while back - it's it a beautiful thing? Next out will be the world's tiniest Reese's - coming out soon. (Saw them At Candy Expo) They're great!!!

Super post!!!


I just made my son in law, for his birthday, a 1 1/2 pound peanut butter cup that is the size of a pie plate. I have a chocolate company and I would put my peanut butter filling up against Reeces's any day and see which is preferred.

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