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I've tried them all, and I cared for the Chocolate Lava Cake and Red Velvet truffles only. That's par for the course for me. As much as I love Godiva, I can count on one hand the truffles they make about which I am actually over the moon.


I've tried all of the chocolate based oned and to me they all taste like generic chocolate truffles and nothing like their namesake. There are much better truffles in their regular line. This just seems to be more about marketing then actually delievering a great product.


Thank you for the comments! I agree with both of you, this one doesn't seem to be very popular.


I just tried these and had to find somewhere to post my opinion. I too liked the strawberry tarte,tiramisu and red velvet truffles.

The most disappointing one was the carrot cake. I found it had a disgusting soapy aftertaste. Other than that one they all were enjoyable but I totally agree with Dee. These are nothing special and maybe aren't worthy of the Godiva name. The chocolate shells are fine but overall they taste a bit cheap maybe?


I forgot to mention that when I had first heard of these I thought they might have the actual cake enrobed in chocolate. I think I would have liked that better.

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