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Here's another great Halloween candy for the kids. My SugarKid went crazy over this when I brought it home. I thought it was pretty gross myself, but SugarKid couldn't leave it alone. He kept looking at it, as if he was trying to decide if the rat was real or not. He also tried squeezing, poking and prodding the gummy rat and I had to tell him to look but not touch because I still needed a picture.

We have previously reviewed Gummy Body Parts, which is another Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company product. This gummy rat was very similar in taste to the gummy body parts. It is the same squishy feeling gummy that isn't very dense at all. In fact, you could push into this rat's belly and your finger could go all the way through. The rat has a very flowery/fruity smell that sort of defeats the "gross" factor this candy is meant to give you.

The taste is very similar to the Frankford gummies we've had before. The rat had a nice fruity flavor that everyone in our family liked. It was pretty hilarious watching us pass around a gummy rat to take bites out of it, which brings me to an oddness we all felt with this candy. Where do you take a bite of it? That's the only thing that made this gummy feel "gross" to me. I couldn't see myself digging in and biting a huge chunk out of the rat tummy like a zombie would tear into a human. In the end we all settled on nibbling little bits of gummy off of the rat for our taste test. We all liked the flavor, although I wish this gummy was thicker, chewier and more dense than it was. I really didn't like the mushy gummy texture.

Gummy Rat in Trap

In the above photo you can see how this rat has some extra pieces of gummy attached to it. I was impressed with the gummy body parts by Frankford, but this rat needs more quality control. I like the mold of this gummy, complete with tail, little legs, blood etc... It has a great look and overall "rat" feel to it. I just wish they'd take some extra time at the factory in China to make sure these looked perfect before they went into the packaging.

Gummy Rat in Trap front photo

One final picture to leave you with. I almost felt sorry for this poor little gummy rat after looking at this picture. Then I smelled the fruity/flowery scent of its dead- looking gummy carcass and I nibbled off a leg and tail and enjoyed it very much.

Taste: 3/5 Liked It
Calorie Counter: 1/2 rat = 1 serving= 40 calories, 0g fat
Price: $.99 purchased at CVS Pharmacy
Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company Web Site


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Amy Garbo


My name is amy and I am the author of a weight loss blog called The Lose It! Weight Loss Blog (orginial, I know). I want to thank you for this article. I write a column called When Foods Attack and your gummy rat in today's feature. I give you credit for eating this thing. Every time I look at it I want to throw up. LOL! I posted your link on our blog and wanted to just thank you for inspring me today.


I never thought my sugar addiction could inspire a weight loss blog, but I'm glad I could help!

Thank you for the comment Amy. I changed the link you provided to go to your blog post instead of the sales site.

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