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Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries

Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries

Last May during the Sweets and Snacks EXPO 2010, I sampled this product and said it was one of my new favorite candies from the EXPO. I've been looking forward to finding this candy in stores for months. It's been a long wait, but it was completely worth it. We picked this box up at Walgreen's (okay, we actually picked up two boxes of these at Walgreen's) while checking out the new candy for Christmas 2010. The Queen Anne display is larger than previous years with the addition of this flavor and the peppermint flavor (which I  haven't tried yet).

Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries - in tray

These are packaged exactly like the cordial cherries, covered in stay fresh cellophane and packaged five per tray, ten total per box. The flavor of these was as great as I remembered it from the Sweets and Snacks EXPO. There is a very light blueberry flavor in the liquid that also slightly flavors the fondant.  The real blueberries taste fantastic. The blueberries vary in size and flavor for each cordial, much like the cherry cordials. It is one of the things I like about this candy. Every cordial has slightly different taste depending on the fruit inside. Sometimes the fondant is dominant, sometimes the blueberries are large, sometimes small. It gives this candy a home-made feel to it instead of a mass produced candy feel. For Christmas 2009, I did a three way candy taste test of Chocolate Covered Cherries and my opinion was that Queen Anne made the best of the bunch. These have the same great milk chocolate taste and I assume the fondant uses the same recipe as the cherry cordials. Since the Queen Anne brand won my three way taste test in the cherry cordials, it's nice to know that same great winning combination was carried over to this new variety.

Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries - inside shot

The photo above shows how wonderfully gooey the interior of this candy is. There's also the blueberry hiding in there with the liquid surrounding it. I don't think these will replace chocolate covered cherries as the go-to Christmas candy for our family, but they are a great addition to the line. I think the cherry version is better, but then again I have years and years of Christmas memories with Queen Anne Cherry Cordials. I think the Cherry Cordials have a better Christmas feel to them, but they also sell them year round. If they also sell the blueberry version year round, it might become my new favorite during the other 11 moths of the year.  I think the problem for this candy will be my father-in-law's reaction.  Here is a  guy who I have seen eat most of a box of chocolate covered cherries while opening Christmas presents.....and upon tasting the blueberry version, he says, "I don't like it as much as the cherry." and then pass up a second one (reaching instead for the Mint M& M's we were also tasting).  If people like him think of these as a replacement for the Cherries, I don't think they'll be hugely successful in the long run---but, if instead, people think of them as an additional candy, they should be successful in their own right.


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I haven't seen these yet, but I'm really hoping I find them soon.

Jamie Fulton

I have found these candy's one time at hyvee haven't been able to find them again . Need some help please locating them.

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