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Chocolate Covered Raspberry Cremes

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Cremes

When I saw this candy on the shelf at my local Walgreen's, I thought Junior Mints had finally come out with a new flavor. I like the Junior Mints original, I also like the Junior Mints "inside out" version. I haven't tried the Junior Mints caramels, but I've been secretly hoping for an orange, lemon, or some other flavor. I picked up this box during the 50% off after Valentine's Day sale. I assume these are seasonal, but the box doesn't specifically say these are a Valentine's Day candy.

Other than the missing Valentine's Day hearts, this box has plenty of pink and red on it to make you think Valentine's Day. It looks like an upscale Junior Mints box with fancy font and catchy "Delight in each bite!" slogan. If you are not aware, Junior Mints are produced by Tootsie Roll Industries.  It's odd that they didn't use the Junior Mints name, which is WAY more identifiable than the Raspberry Creme name with small Tootsie Roll logo in the upper left corner.

I keep comparing this candy to Junior Mints because it is the same company producing both candies and this candy is identical to a Junior Mint in every way. These are the same size as a Junior Mint, they have the same shell. Even the fondant in the middle seems the same, but this one is artificially flavored raspberry instead of soothing mint. The shell was exactly like a Junior Mint. Crunchy, chocolatey with a nice cocoa taste. I didn't find a single crushed candy in my box, so both the shell and box held up well. The fondant inside was pleasant. It has just a hint of Raspberry flavor which was okay with me since the flavor was ultra-sweet and tasted artificial. The fondant had a nice easy melt and the two flavors would be great together if the Raspberry didn't seem so fake. If Jelly Belly can use real flavorings in every little bean they make, I don't see why Tootsie can't use some fantastic tasting raspberry juice for a raspberry taste that was overpowering and knocked your socks off. Even from the 50% off bin, I was still unimpressed; however I'd try any other flavor they came out with. I'm hoping they try a citrus flavor next time, *hint* *hint*.  I think lots of people would buy that and there's nothing like that on the market, *hint* *hint*.

Cybele at Candyblog has also reviewed this candy.

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Cremes

Taste: 2/5 Did Not Like It
Calorie Counter: 16 pieces = 1 serving = 170 calories, 3g fat, 32g sugars
Price: $.49 purchased at Walgreen's
Tootsie Roll Industries Web Site


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Krystle Sollars

I actually tried these and I love them. They melt in your mouth and are very creamy. I agree Tootsie really should go the Jelly Belly route and use real flavors. Who knows maybe if more people give them a push, maybe they will have an all natural version.

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