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Gimbal's Lavaballs

Gimbal's LavaBalls

I'm not overly impressed with the Valentine's Day candy I've found in the stores this year. That led me to dig through my candy stash and find some candy I could review for Valentine's Day.  I looked for anything red or heart-shaped.  I found these two sampler packs of Gimbal's Lavaballs.

If you want to see what a normal Lavaballs package looks like, then go read this review over at Candyblog. This is a jelly bean like candy, a chewy center with a crunchy shell, but in a round shape instead of a bean shape. The color is a beautiful deep red that hints that there is cinnamon inside this candy. The shell is perfectly crunchy and melts nicely in your mouth. This is flavored all the way through with a spicy cinnamon flavor. You start with the shell, right under that is the spicy layer and under that is the large chewy lightly flavored center. It's a spicy, but not fire hot taste. It's not so hot that you will find it unpleasant, unless you don't like any hot cinnamon candy.

Gimbal's LavaBalls

We fell in love with these after the first bite. Amazing candy, but we love "spicy" and enjoy cinnamon candy in general. These are way more pleasant than an Atomic Fireball since you can chew through them, instead of holding them in your mouth for a very long time. This is another quality Gimbal's product, I've been impressed with everything of theirs I've tasted. The problems is I've tried to find these online, I've tried to find them in stores, I cannot locate them. I hope some of you have better luck.....because these are fantastic! If you find them....let me know.

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: unknown
Price: Free Sample from Gimbal's
Gimbal's Candy Web Site


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Rachel Basofin

I just ordered a pound from www.raisingthecandybar.com. They're really good!

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