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Mike and Ike Passion Mix

Mike and Ike Passion Mix

New for Valentine's Day 2011...Just Born gave Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales some clever packaging with attractive graphics and now they have a great new Valentine's Day candy. Just Born has done this before with several different seasonal variations of their great candy. I think they now might have a different mix for every major U.S. holiday.

I was drawn to this package because of the flavors they included. I'm familiar with their Strawberry and Cherry, but Paradise Punch was a new one for me.  And what in the world?There's a Jolly Joe grape in a Mike and Ike mix! I doubt most people would notice this little difference, but the grape jelly rod (as Just Born calls this shape) belongs in the Jolly Joe package! Paradise Punch intrigued me because I have fond memories of drinking Hawaiian punch at my Grandmother's house (see the Hubba Bubba Island Punch review for details).

The strawberry flavor was pretty bland, but still enjoyable. The cherry flavor is good and easy to spot since it is the very dark red jelly rod in the mix. Paradise punch was pretty punchy and I hope to see this one in other Mike and Ike seasonal boxes. The grape Jolly Joe was the same great flavor as always, but it made me wonder why they decided to put a purple color in this all red/pink mix. I wonder if the grape flavor was a hint at wine or grapes which can be seen as something love-like? I'm guessing here, but it's not a big deal since there are very few grape in this mix. In fact, my two favorite flavors, grape and cherry, were so under-represented that I ended up tossing out much of the box. It's not that strawberry and paradise punch flavors were bad, they were quite good, but there were WAY too many of them.  Maybe I should have picked up the box behind this one, maybe it had a better ratio.

These are on sale now along with the new Hot Tamales Untamed Love Valentine's Day box. You can't go wrong giving someone either one of these boxes of candy, but I'd hope it was attached to something else, otherwise, you might be eating them alone!

Mike and Ike Passion Mix

Taste: 3/5 Liked It
Calorie Counter: 23 pieces = 1 serving = 140 calories, 0g fat, 26g sugars
Price: $.99 purchased at Walgreen's
Mike and Ike Web Site

Hot Tales Untamed Love Mix


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