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I was wondering how different these would be from tropical skittles, or crazy cores (which I've never tried)


Not much different. You eat them and think to yourself, "I've eaten these before, haven't I?" They are a tad bit different but until they create a bacon or ham flavor, it's the same Skittle with a twist. Thanks for the comment!


Can i ask what kind of camera and set up you got going on to take these amazing photos? Do you use photoshop to edit them?


Thanks for the comment Adam. I use a Nikon D50 with a 50mm prime lens. All of the photos are taken in a cardboard white box I made for about $2 and yes, I do run them through Photoshop. Some days I have plenty of time to make them look really good in Photoshop and some days I don't. I'm glad you like the photos, thank you!


You know as a fellow candy addict myself. I too found myself today at the gas station and happen to come across the blenders skittles. (infact i bought one of each "bag color"). I don't think the flavors are the "same" and I do infact think they taste like advertized. Ex. Mango Lemonade taste like mango and lemon. I thought the Melon Berry ones were delicious, infact as far as skittles go I normally like all of them BUT I thought the CHerry Tropicolada had a bad taste to it. Though I have to agree this wasn't a WOW kind of flavor, it was OK. Personally I'd rather just have a bag of WILD BERRY skittles or sour skittles.

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