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Dove Coconut Creme Egg

I've reviewed several coconut products in the past. They tend to range from the sickly sweet to the fake tasting coconut flavor. I have yet to find a coconut flavored candy that I really like. However, I think I've finally found one. This is a new flavor from Dove and fits in perfectly with their other Easter egg chocolate candies.

This candy does have real coconut oil in it so the flavor is definitely more authentic. The ingredient list also has artificial flavorings listed, so maybe it isn't all real coconut flavor, but it sure tastes good. It isn't sickly sweet, it isn't fake tasting, it is just about perfect. I'm not sure I'd call the filling a creme, but it does melt very smoothly and evenly. If you look at the picture below though, you'll see it's more of a "solid" than a creme. I know that is nitpicking but when I think of a creme, I think of something completely different, more fluffy and whipped. This is more of a semi-solid.  You won't find any coconut chunks, strings or pieces in this candy either, which is a little different than what you'd find in a higher end coconut creme chocolate candy. I think that's a bonus in this candy because the chunks would be out of place and odd in a candy that melts so nicely.


Dove Coconut Creme Egg

Speaking of melting nicely, this is the same Dove chocolate with a silky smooth melt. This candy has a fantastic crisp shell and there's the perfect amount of resistance when you bite into this. If you haven't had Dove milk chocolate before, you should really try it. The taste is unique and the melt is definitely the best of any easy-to-find mass-produced chocolate. It's a very good chocolate for what it is. I also like the beautiful foil wrappers on this candy. The colors are fantastic and the aluminum foil keeps this candy in great condition.


The only downside to this candy is the size. See the picture below for a comparison to a Hershey Kiss. At 70 calories a piece this candy is very large. I think I would have preferred the candy to be half the size, it seemed like a lot of candy and after eating two of these, I was done snacking on them. I also thought the picture on the front of the package was a bit deceiving because this candy is mostly chocolate with some creme while the photo shows a ton of creme with a smaller layer of chocolate.  While an egg-shaped candy may make this seem like an Easter candy, I would be happy to see this available all year round.

Dove Coconut Creme Egg

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 3 pieces = 1 serving = 210 calories, 13g fat, 20g sugars
Price: $3.00 purchased at CVS
Dove Chocolate Web Site


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Great review! I am a coconut fanatic and I completely agree with how you've described this candy (and also how awful/disappointing most other coconut + chocolate combos are, at least in mainstream candy brands). It's definitely the best coconut + chocolate candy I've tried to date and I'm crossing my fingers that they might keep it year 'round as well! The only negative in my opinion is the cost. At least in my area (Colorado), they're really expensive for how few are in the bag. I would like to stockpile some for when they're "out of season" but the cost is kind of prohibitive!


Thank you for the comment Alannah! I agree, the price is high but it's worth it in my opinion. I did wait until these went on sale, the normal price was a little too much for me.


Nothing better than a good chocolate/coconut combo. Was not a fan of the M&M's. I have to go find these.


Thanks for a great review!! I bought a bag of these for $3.99 at a Kroger (grocery store)for my son as an Easter gift. I thought this was expensive for what you got but it was the first place I saw them and didn't want to miss out!! Based on your review I will be heading to a CVS to buy myself a bag (or 2)! Can't wait to try them!!


Great review, I'll be on the look out for these.

I liked the coconut M&Ms even with the fake flavor, but for those of you guys who want the real deal - check out Next Organics dark chocolate coconut - pricey, but worth it to at least try.


These are amazing!!! Only problem is the availability! Can't find them anywhere! I was out of town when I got my first bag, and since then, have been unable to locate any!

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