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Mike and Ike Fruit Twists Strawberry Mike and Ike Fruit Twists Green Apple and Watermelon

Mike and Ike Fruit Twist Blue Raspberry with Strawberry

My son found this candy when we were on our way out of Walgreens. He tells the story like his little eagle eyes are sooooo great and he spotted them from a mile away. Pffttt....I say. They put candy at little kid's eye level and give it big bright colors with sparkles, because we all know sparkles attract attention to candy more than writing "new" or "improved" right? Okay, I'm bitter. I'm supposed to be the guy with the candy hobby who should be able to spot new candy a mile away and I was bested by a six year old!

I wasn't aware that this candy would be out this year and I met with the Just Born representatives for a long time at the Sweets and Snacks EXPO last year.  Why didn't they mention it?  This candy is manufactured and distributed under license by CandyRific. This candy was made in Spain and it has the CandyRific logo on it. CandyRific is a company that makes lots of different novelty candy under license from other companies. I wouldn't consider this candy "novelty", but it is different from what Just Born normally makes.

One thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE novelty candy. I think it's fun to see how many different kinds of candy companies can make. Add batteries, lights, fans, bobble heads, I love it all. Most of the time the candy stinks, but I still like the marketing spin to all of it. Earlier I said that I didn't think this candy could be classified as "novelty" candy. I guess I associate novelty candy with the bizarre add-ons I listed above. This candy seems like a new variety or direction for Mike and Ike, similar to the Mike and Ike Cotton Candy I've already reviewed.

If you look at the picture below you'll see that this candy looks just like licorice. In fact, it looks just like Filled Twizzlers from this review. This is definitely a licorice-like product, and it does use wheat flour just like licorice. I like to use the candy industry lingo and call it extruded candy. I love that name, E-X-T-R-U-D-E-D, it's so fun to say. I would say these have the same chew and consistency as a Twizzler licorice. Our packages were extremely fresh and the licorice was nice and soft. I left a few of these out of the package for a few days to firm them up a bit. I like a chewier licorice and not a "melts easily in your mouth" kind of licorice. It was a little better that way.

I don't understand the flavors and different sizes of this candy. One of the king size 3.3oz packages was Strawberry licorice with strawberry filling. The other king size package was green apple and watermelon mixed in the same package (see photo below). Then there was a 1.15oz ten inches long package that was a mixture of blue raspberry licorice with strawberry filling. HUH? It took me a few minutes to figure out if I had all the the flavors they offered or not. I kept thinking there was another mixed pack or mixed flavors somewhere, but there wasn't.


Oh, how did it taste?  It was good if you like Twizzler-type licorice. It didn't taste at all like Mike and Ike candy, so I'm not sure why it's licensed from Just Born except for the instant name recognition. I also don't see how this candy is called a "twist" unless you think of it as twisted licorice because it has a filling and most licorice does not. Although it didn't taste like Mike and Ike candy, it did have a good taste. I liked the green apple best, but the watermelon wasn't bad. The inside filling was a sugary paste, but it melted nicely on the tongue and was enjoyable. In case you were worried about feeding this to children, they added little logos all over it with sayings like "Made with Real Fruit Juice!" and "Good Source of Vitamin C". So there you go, skip the orange juice in the morning and grab a king size pack of Mike and Ike Fruit Twists for your daily dose of Vitamin C (well, you'd need 10 servings as its only 10% of your Vitamin C RDA).

Mike and Ike Fruit Twists Green Apple and Watermelon

Taste: 3/5 Liked It
Calorie Counter: 2 pieces (king size package) = 1 serving = 110 calories, 1g fat, 15g sugars
Price: $1.50 purchased at Walgreen's


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I've never liked Mike and Ikes or Twizzlers. But I love that last photo!


Thanks Foodjunk! I appreciate the compliment.

Callie V of st louis, missouri

The husband and I thought that this candy was absolutly horrible and I am trying to figure out if I should bring the remainder of the product back to the store or trying to find the maker of the product online this Visionary brands inc or whatever. Which I am still trying.g to find their website, guess they make it hard to find cause thy know their products are bad. If it is not gonna be like a mike and Ike then don't put that name on there. Thumbs way down. Disappointed.


Callie, sorry you didn't like this candy. I thought it was just okay. However, Candyrific has a feedback form, you should try filling it out to complain to them:

I've had good luck contacting companies and letting them know that their product was good or bad. They like feedback. Thank you for commenting and finding our site!


I think this stuff may not behave well after being on shelves for any period of time. Just tried some and the paste inside the twists is almost chalky, seems like it has degraded.

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