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I've never liked Mike and Ikes or Twizzlers. But I love that last photo!


Thanks Foodjunk! I appreciate the compliment.

Callie V of st louis, missouri

The husband and I thought that this candy was absolutly horrible and I am trying to figure out if I should bring the remainder of the product back to the store or trying to find the maker of the product online this Visionary brands inc or whatever. Which I am still trying.g to find their website, guess they make it hard to find cause thy know their products are bad. If it is not gonna be like a mike and Ike then don't put that name on there. Thumbs way down. Disappointed.


Callie, sorry you didn't like this candy. I thought it was just okay. However, Candyrific has a feedback form, you should try filling it out to complain to them: http://www.candyrific.com/?q=contact

I've had good luck contacting companies and letting them know that their product was good or bad. They like feedback. Thank you for commenting and finding our site!


I think this stuff may not behave well after being on shelves for any period of time. Just tried some and the paste inside the twists is almost chalky, seems like it has degraded.

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