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New Ritter Sport Bars - Sweets and Snacks 2011

Sweets and Snacks EXPO 2011

I have a bias towards Ritter Sport bars. I absolutely love them. I've probably mentioned that a few times in my other reviews of them (see Ritter Sport bar reviews here). The photo above shows the new flavors we'll see in the U.S. They've added two new flavors, Almonds and White Almonds, along with three repackaged German bars, hazelnuts, Noisette (milk chocolate with the delicious taste of roasted hazelnuts) and Extra Fine Milk Chocolate. These are available in a new 65g (2.3 oz) size. These bars are apparently made on a line that used to make all natural and organic bars that didn't do very well in Europe. The impression I received is that Ritter Sport U.S. is making these to sell in places that do not have shelf space for the larger bar. I have a sample of each new flavor and I'll be reviewing them soon.


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