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I've had my eye on this candy for some time now. I've avoided purchasing them because they are expensive compared to my normal candy purchases. However, after watching Canada win a Gold Medal in Men's and Women's Hockey, I convinced my wife it was the obvious purchase to show our support for our great neighbors to the North. Besides, I love buying from our locally-owned natural food store.

This is a 1.5oz box with 6 small maple candies in their own tray. The shapes look like things from nature. I imagine water, leaves, grapes, the sun or sunflowers, very nice designs. When I flipped the box over to read the ingredients I saw only one, organic maple syrup. What's not to love in an ingredient list like that? It is strikingly sparse compared to the normal candy you buy with preservatives, coloring, 14 different names for corn syrup etc... In fact, I've convinced myself this is healthy candy! Is there such a thing?

We are big believers in pure maple syrup in our household. The health benefits can be found HERE. I really like the Maple Valley Coop, which is the producer of this candy. Their philosophy is the following:
We bring you 100% pure and organically produced maple products. This means not only offering you a non-artificial, additive and preservative free product, but also bringing you a socially and economically responsible commodity.

Maple Valley Organic Maple Candy

Now about the taste....The outside of this candy is crystallized and sparkly maple syrup. The exterior is firm which gives way to a nice soft melt-in-your-mouth interior. I thought I'd get a heavy smell of maple when I opened the package and on first bite, however there wasn't a maple smell at all. After the candy melts, you do get a subtle taste of maple that gives way to a powerful maple sweetness. It tastes like you just drank from the maple syrup jug, which I've always wanted to do! If you do not enjoy overpowering sickeningly sweet maple flavor, you will not enjoy this candy. I keep telling my wife that it's a healthy candy because I can only eat one a day! Honestly, if you ate more than one of these candies, it would make you sick to your stomach and your blood sugar would spike and your pancreas would go into overdrive.

I loved everything about this candy, my wife didn't enjoy it much, but she doesn't have the sweet tooth I do. I also LOVE the taste of maple so this candy is going onto my favorite's list. I'm drooling at the thought of buying the very large maple leaf version, but my pancreas needs a vacation after this sampling.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: No food label, they must be calorie free!
Price: $4.75 at local organic food store

Maple Valley Organic Maple Candy


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