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Wonka SweeTarts Jelly Beans

Here is yet another great jelly bean that is for sale this Easter season. These jelly beans are made by Wonka and carry over the SweeTarts name and tangy taste from the circular sugar powder pressed candies you can buy in rolls at the grocery store check-out. I would have to say that this jelly bean is toward the top of my list for non-gourment jelly beans, with the Starburst jelly beans winning by a slight margin. Keep reading for some of my thoughts on this candy.

I'm not a big fan of SweeTarts in general. I find the newer formula they are using on SweeTarts and Chicks and Ducks to be inferior to the old recipe. As I pointed out in my Valentine's Day SweeTarts heart comparison review, the new formula makes the candy turn to powder in your mouth almost instantly, which leads to fits of choking on powder. The taste has also been modified and it is not an improvement over the old taste. Because of this, this year I have avoided the Chicks and Ducks that I've bought religiously every Easter for years (pun intended). I bought these jelly beans knowing my very strong opinions on SweeTarts in general because I really did want to compare them to the other jelly beans I've been reviewing.

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, I was very surprised at how much I liked these jelly beans. There are 6 flavors in this bag; cherry, lemon, grape, blue punch, green apple and orange. Like most things we sample at our house, we LOVED the citrus flavors. The lemon was our absolute favorite with its slightly citrusy, refreshing, perky lemon flavor. The orange was our second favorite, but we thought it need more of an orange PUNCH! because it was only slightly orangey, but still very good. I liked the green apple flavor, I thought it was only slightly apple but still had a very good flavor. My wife was done sampling after the orange and lemon. The other flavors were nothing spectacular, although still good. The only flavor we hated was the blue punch, I hate this flavor for a normal SweeTart and I hated it as a jelly bean. I mean, what flavor is blue punch anyway? I tossed all of those into a bowl along with the grape, cherry and leftover lemon, orange and green apple and dropped them in our kitchen/break room at work. They did disappear after a few days, so there must be some SweeTarts fans (or mindless snackers) at my work.

I especially enjoyed the nice tangy flavor of these jelly beans. I also enjoyed the overall texture. These jelly beans were soft and chewy and the outside shell had a melt in your mouth quality that we really liked. The shell was a very nice surprise. I would say that these jelly beans taste exactly like their powdered sugar cousins, which is good for SweeTarts fans.

Wonka Sweetarts Jelly Beans

You can find other reviews of these jelly beans at Candyblog.Net, The Candy Enthusiast and at Candy Addict.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 26 pieces = 1 serving= 140 calories, 0g fat
Price: $2.00 at Target
Wonka Website


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