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Have you ever wished you could devise your own candy bar combinations?  Well, you can!!!  At, you can pick the chocolate you want and then pick the ingredients you want added to the candy bar. When I read the Chocomize reviews on GIGI-Reviews the other day, I decided that I should channel my inner Willie Wonka (the 10% discount was what put me over the edge, thanks GIGI and Chocomize!).

The ordering is very, very easy. Pick a chocolate (dark, milk or white) then start creating your own chocolate bar like a mad scientist chocolatier. I picked milk chocolate since that is my favorite chocolate type.  (I don't mind dark or white chocolate, but I'll pick milk chocolate every time if given the opportunity.)  Each bar starts with a base price of $3.85 with the added ingredients varying in price from the lowest priced at $.40 (sea salt) to the highest priced at $3.90 (23 Karat gold leaf flakes). Estimated ship time is 4 days, shipping was $4.95 for me. Each bar that I built with milk chocolate and 2 ingredients cost right around $5. I picked dried blueberries and lemon zest for one of my bars and M&M's with sprinkles for the other. Can you guess which one was for SugarKid?

Chocomize Milk Chocolate Custom Candy Bar Chocomize Milk Chocolate Custom Candy Bar

My custom bars arrived in 4 days exactly from Chocomize. They were shipped via U.S. mail in a cardboard box with lots of paper inside and 2 frozen ice packet things. You can see in my pictures, the bars weren't melty at all. When I opened the box, I saw the cardboard sleeves and the first thought that popped into my head was one of Hot Pockets and Cherry or Apple Pies from McDonalds. I think only good things come in sleeves like this!

Chocomize Milk Chocolate Custom Candy Bar

The milk chocolate in both bars was nice and milky, like a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, with only a slightly sweet flavor. I thought it was really good tasting chocolate. I assumed the "candy pieces" I picked would be some generic M&M type of candy, but was happily surprised to find real M&M's as the ingredient. The sprinkles were good and added some very nice color to this bar.

Chocomize Milk Chocolate Custom Candy Bar

Hmm...what happened to the blueberry and lemon zest bar? Oh, that corner that's missing, yeah I couldn't wait to try it before I photographed it, so I had a bite. I tried to convince my wife that it came that way and she didn't believe me. The ingredients on this bar were very good quality too. I thought the blueberry and lemon zest made a really good combination.

Overall, my impression is that this was a really fun thing to do. Who wouldn't like creating their own type of candy bar? I think this is a very thoughtful and fun gift. It's so unique, you know no one else would think of giving this as a gift. I would definitely buy this again as a special occasion purchase. There's no other way to create a marshmallow-gummy bear-gold leaf-sea salt-chile spice bar and have it to your house in 4 days, is there? My only complaint is that I would have liked to see the ingredients down inside the bar. They sit on the top and make the bar look pretty, but there's a lot of chocolate to melt through to get to the ingredients. Head on over and treat yourself to one, I think all candy lovers should try Chocomize at least once and probably twice.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 1.5 bar = 1 serving= 124 calories, 7g fat (will vary by bar)
Price: Around $5.00 per bar + $4.95 shipping & handling purchased at
Chocomize Website
From the GIGI-Reviews web site: If you use the coupon code "Gigi" at checkout, it will save you 10% off of your order


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