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Stride Shift Citrus > Mint Flavor Changing Gum

Stride Shift Citrus > Mint Flavor Changing Gum

Here is the newest gum from Cadbury.  It is a gum that changes from citrus to mint as you chew it. I love the packaging of this gum. Bright colors, the big S on the front. The inside is fantastic too, with a fold open double deck package (see picture below).

Stride Shift Citrus > Mint Flavor Changing Gum

Each piece is wrapped in a green wax paper with designs that look like what is on the box. The gum is an orange color and all you can smell is citrus, no hint of mint anywhere on this gum. I was surprised at how large the pieces were (see picture below). I was thinking the gum would be the size of Trident, but this gum was fairly large.

Stride Shift Citrus > Mint Flavor Changing Gum Stride Shift Citrus > Mint Flavor Changing Gum

I found this gum to be a very tough chewing gum. My favorite gum is Wrigley's Doublmint gum. It's a nice soft chew which is what I was expecting from this gum.  I was really surprised at how dense and chewy it was. This gum starts with a citrus flavor that lasts about 60 seconds. It tastes like Tropical Twist Trident. It then switches to a spearmint flavor that has an okay taste. Overall, I wasn't very impressed with this gum.  I think it's mostly a marketing ploy. It's fun to try something different and it's a very interesting concept, but I think the taste needs more work.  I'm sure there are people that will love this gum, but I'd rather chew a gum with one great flavor than two I wasn't crazy about.

Taste: 2/5 Did Not Like It
Calorie Counter: 1 piece = 1 serving= <5 calories, 0g fat
Price: $1.38 purchased at WalMart
Stride Flavor Changing Gum Web Site

Update: Thanks to the Candy Professor, for the comment below linking this NY Times article on Stride gum. Long story short, it's marketed to teens and twenty-somethings who are bored with regular gum.


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Candy Professor

I think you're right about the marketing ploy. Here is the Stride representative on what they were going for:
“Stride speaks to younger consumers who chew gum not for functional reasons but for emotional reasons,” Mr. Osifchin said. “Younger consumers have a disdain for the ordinary, and they like to be snapped out of boredom.”
Quoted in a NYTimes piece on the new Stride ad campaign. Disdain? Boredom? I thought it was GUM.
Here's the link:


Thank you for the article, I was really wondering what they were going for with this gum. Your link answered my question. I thought it was GUM too, I guess now it's "more than gum". hmm...

Dental Gum

My favorite is Wrigley's Doublemint gum too.. Thanks for the article..


Now I'm craving Smarties. Thanks.



I like it!

Gumlovers Hubby

These opinions are crap. My 40 yo wife loves the gum and says it did what is said. changed flavors. We "elders" like change too. This psychobabble is crap. Now how does the manufacturer's process accomplish the flavor timing?


Thank you for your comment and opinion on the gum. No one will agree with me 100% and I'm fine with that, I started this blog to share MY opinions on candy and confections. Feel free to disagree with me any time, I'm glad your wife likes this gum.

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