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Wonka Exceptionals Fruit Jellies

Wonka Exceptionals Fruit Jellies Box

This will be one of the easier reviews I've written and I'll tell you why. Take my review of the Wonka Exceptionals Fruit Marvels, get rid of the hard exterior and instead of a round ball, make a square with the delicious jelly from inside the Fruit Marvels, dip it them in sugar and BAM! you have Wonka Exceptionals Fruit Jellies. See how easy that was?

The packaging on this candy is just as fantastic as the Fruit Marvels (although a bit wasteful because of how much there is). I really like how beautiful and premium Wonka has made this candy look. I like the flavors too. These are flavors that only Wonka could do, but in the process the flavors seem premium to me. Grapefruit, Goji Berry and Red Apple? When is the last time you saw a red apple flavored candy?

Wonak Exceptionals Fruit Jellies Red Apple

Red Apple - this tastes exactly like a ripe red apple we'd pick from our grove or you'd buy at the farmer's market, this is so much different than green apple, it has a nice sweet flavor that reminds you of applesauce or cider with only a slightly tart taste to it. This one surprised me the most, because I wasn't really sure what to expect, but loved I it.

Grapefruit - this is a flavor that's hard to do. I don't think grapefruit is very appealing to a lot of people but let me tell you, this is a wonderful flavor. I'm not sure why these are yellow, since grapefruit is pink but it works for me (I guess it is the exterior color). The yellow color adds to the light and refreshing flavor of this candy. The taste is subtle and these were not as sweet as the red apple flavor for me, but also fantastic.

Goji Berry - I had to look this flavor up, but these berries are from China and a few surrounding countries. They are usually found dried on the ground and look like a raisin. They have many antioxidants in them so they are a health food craze type food. The flavor seemed a little orange-like to me mixed with raspberries. These weren't bad for a different flavor.

The lightly coated soft jelly texture of this candy is great. They are easy to chew and are a very very pleasant candy to eat. I like jelly in any candy, especially chocolate covered, but this candy was close to a perfect jelly for me. The grapefruit and red apple were our favorites. The goji berry isn't bad but we weren't as familiar with it and the taste was good, but not great. I can't recommend this candy enough, even at a premium price. They really are very good.

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Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 14 pieces = 1 serving= 130 calories, 0g fat
Price: $2.99 purchased at Wal Mart
Wonka Web Site


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