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Schuttelaar Banaapies

Schuttelaar Banaapies

To say the United States is a country of immigrants would be an understatement. You can find cities within cities, and entire towns or small enclaves in cities that are populated by immigrants to the United States. In the state I live, there are several cities that were settled by Dutch colonists and that hold close many of those Dutch traditions today. The town we visit the most has a great Dutch/Netherlands import shop. My wife and son like to look over the licorice section while I peruse the entire candy section. This is one of the candies I found on our latest visit.

I was drawn to this bag by the very cute monkeys on the front of it and the Banaapies name. I thought this candy had to be fantastic with a name like that. My German and Dutch is very rusty but I tried to decipher what this candy really was. "Hmm...I think this says soft mar... something", I told my wife. "This says foam, or something" I said. My wife wasn't impressed. "So far you've told me it's soft foam banana flavored candy, sounds disgusting" she said. Then she walked over and pointed to the large sticker on the front that says, "Banana Shaped Meringue Candy". "That's not a very helpful description", I said, "What is meringue candy anyway?" I tried to squeeze one of the candy pieces through the bag.  It seemed slightly firm, but had some give. At this point, a clerk (in a Dutch high-pointed bonnet) said to us, "Think banana flavored circus peanuts."  Even though it was $4.00, we took it home and I was VERY eager to try it.

Schuttelaar Banaapies - 3 Bananas

I was very close in my translation. When I got home I fired up Google Translate and found that these are soft marshmallow and foam flavored banana candy. I can sum up the entire review by telling you that these ARE in fact, banana flavored circus peanuts in banana and monkey shapes. However, these are less dense than any circus peanut I've ever had. They are light and airy instead of dense and heavy. These have a fantastic but light banana taste, but are very sweet (by sweet I mean, these babies are PURE SUGAR). The size is WAY better than a circus peanut. I'd say these are half the size, maybe smaller than the circus peanuts you can find at almost every store.

Schuttelaar Banaapies - 3 Monkeys

The picture above is supposed to be of 3 monkeys. The details are hard to make out in this marshmallow candy. I call them, "Read my review", "See if you can find them yourself", and "Eat them all in one sitting", sort of like the Three Wise Monkeys. These were surprisingly good. With foreign candy, you never know what you'll get, but most of the time, I'm glad I purchased it. Even at the very high price, I'll definitely buy these again, they were fantastic.

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 1/2 of a bag = 1 serving= 365 calories
Price: $4.00 purchased at Dutch Import Shop


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