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Bubble Yum Cotton Candy

I'm a big fan of bubble gum. I consider it a confection/candy, although I know some people do not. I try to pick up as many new flavors as I can find.  I probably chew 1 or 2 pieces a day.  Usually Double Mint is my main "go to" gum, but like to switch it up too.  I was really excited to find this Cotton Candy flavor since I'm a huge fan of Cotton Candy in general. You can read a bit more about that and how our family has our own cotton candy machine in this review of the Mike & Ike Cotton Candy.

Like most Bubble Yum Bubble Gum, the gum in this package is gigantic. I have to tear these pieces in half for my 6 year old and sometimes I feel like the pieces are too big even for me. However, on this Cotton Candy flavor, I really couldn't get enough of it.  I wished the pieces were even bigger. I know the flavor is artificial and fake, but it tastes exactly like cotton candy. The flavor is unmistakeable. The flavor lasts about 15 to 20 mins which is pretty typical for this type of gum.


The one thing I cannot figure out about this gum is why it is blue (see picture below). REAL Cotton Candy is only pink, I don't believe the blue stuff is the real deal.  I wish it was pink....it even tastes pink.  I do, however, like Bubble Yum's slogan "Blow Your Own Bubble".  And with the size of each piece of this gum, you can certainly make a gigantic bubble that will pop and stick to your face, which is the beauty of this giant-sized bubble gum.  I think "Blow Your Own Bubble" also speaks pretty well to tweens and teens, who are the target audience for this type of gum.  I am guessing the punk rocker duck with a nose ring is also targeted at the tween/teen demographic.  Come to think of it....I've seen a few Carnies (those that work at a carnival), circus and state fair workers that had the punk rock duck's look and those are the main three places I associate with cotton candy.  I just don't think he makes a great mascot for gum.  Maybe if I were a teen, I'd think it was a great mascot...but he's not even blowing a bubble.

Bubble Yum Cotton Candy in Blue

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 1 piece = 1 serving= 25 calories, 0g fat, 5g sugars
Price: $.49 purchased at a Five and Dime Store
Hershey - Bubble Yum Web Site


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