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Ferrara Pan Sour Bug City

So, what is your favorite candy memory from childhood?  My wife and I have asked a lot of our friends that question lately.  In response, one of my wife's co-workers told her about this Ferrara Pan candy  she remembered buying as a kid.  Her favorite part was that after you ate the candy, you could use the container to catch bugs.  Can't you just imagine being 8 and eating the whole container of candy and then catching a grasshopper to put inside or filling the jar with fireflies when it got dark?  Maybe you can't, but living in the country, we can!!

I believe this candy has been discontinued by Ferrara Pan, so I turned to Ebay to try and find it. I'm constantly amazed at what you can find on Ebay (or the internet in general). I found a nice 12 pack of this candy so I ordered it and had it at my house within a week. Did I mention how much I love the internet?

The candy itself isn't bad. It reminds me of a Wonka Sweetart in that it is both sour and tart at the same time. You can definitely smell both the malic and citric acids when you open up one of these containers. It is a compressed dextrose candy with cute little bugs stamped on top of them. It looks like there are only two bug shapes, one with wings (looks like a fly) the other is some kind of creepy crawly thing. They come in 3 different colors, much like the bug containers themselves. There is a green, blue and yellow color but I couldn't find any discernible difference in taste between them. 

The reusable plastic container has holes in it. You need to remove a waxy round circle that is in the lid before you can use this as a bug container though. The waxy round thing is there to keep the compressed dextrose candy from leaking everywhere. The lid seals up nicely, so you can definitely reuse this for many many bug catch and release adventures. The containers even come in three different lid colors, so you can keep everyone's captured creepy crawlies straight.


Ferrara Pan Sour Bug City Sour Candy Tarts

I have already given several of these away to people with children and so far the reviews are good. My son thought these were great, but he loves any kind of novelty candy. We live on an acreage with no shortage of bugs, so he will add this to his butterfly house, bug house, bug vacuum, bug microscope, butterfly net, etc. He has already started hatching a plan on how he's going to make a little house for one of every type of bug in our yard. I had to tell him that would require way more jars than what we have. So he asked me to buy a lot more of this candy, HA!!!  I wish I could recommend this candy but it is getting harder to find because it has been discontinued. In spite of the discontinuation, I really wanted to do a review to make a record of a great candy that once was widely available and brought joy to a lot of children.

Taste: 3/5 Liked It
Calorie Counter: 2.4oz container = 60 pieces = 4 servings per container = 15 pieces per serving = 50 calories, 0g fat, 12g sugars
Price: $2.00 per container, 12 pack was $24 shipped from Ebay
Ferrara Pan Web Site

Candyblog also has a review of the non-sour variety of this candy.


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Candy Girl

OH those look great!!! I'll have to get my hands on those!
thanks for the review


i cant find it on ebay at all! my boyfriend wants this soooo bad and i want to surprise him but i cant find it anywhere!!! HELP


Sorry Madison, I just did a search and cannot find these anywhere!

Account Deleted

Hi, I from Argentina. I am very sad because I can not get those candy!

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