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Katjes Tappsy

I picked this candy up at Cost Plus World Market thinking of how much I like other Katjes candies I've tried.  This one has cute little panda faces on the package and a great name, Tappsy. I translated the writing on the back with Google Translate on my Android phone and it said something about...we pick the best of the best, you can taste it yadda...yadda... So, I hoped this is going to be great candy.

Okay, so I get this candy home, take a few pictures and get ready to sample the candy. Everything starts off great because the bag has this nice chocolate aroma coming out of it (even though that does seem a bit strange for a licorice). I take out a piece of candy and put it in my mouth. At this point I'm a bit concerned because it felt like I had a very severe case of cotton mouth. I mean, seriously, this is the oddest texture of candy I think I've ever had. If you can imagine cutting up a yoga mat and putting some flavoring on it and eating it, then you can imagine what this candy texture is like. I thought maybe I was a bit parched so I guzzled some water, washing down the foul foam textured candy and then tried it again.

This time around, I thought I'd be a bit more subjective because I really do like Katjes candy. Wow, I could not get past the texture. Is this candy popular somewhere? How is that even possible? I mean, once you get past the texture, the flavor is okay. Lightly chocolatey, lightly licorice tasting, it really isn't bad.  But the texture is just least to my very American palette.  It does have one redeeming quality.  The shape of the candy is fantastic. I mean, who doesn't love cute little panda faces?

Katjes Tappsy faces

Even the cute panda faces and the halfway decent chocolate and licorice flavor cannot persuade me to recommend this to anyone. The texture really is that bad. It's sad because chocolate and licorice are very hard flavors to put together and get right and they don't fail there. These remind me of the Hershey chocolate Twizzlers I tried one time and will not ever try again. This candy got the flavor right, but putting that flavor on foam was not a good idea. My wife is planning on using these on top of cupcakes next time our son needs to take a treat to school.  They really are cute and kids will eat anything, even chocolate/licorice-flavored yoga mats!

Taste: 2/5 Did Not Like It
Calorie Counter: 5 pieces = 1 serving = 140 calories, 0g fat, 23g sugars
Price: $2.49 purchased at Cost Plus World Market
Katjes Web Site

Here are a few other reviews of this candy at Candy Blog, The Candy Enthusiast, and Candy Gurus.


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EXACTly what I thought of this stuff. I wanted to love it. Like Haribo, Katjes tends to be spot on. But Tappsy is just "eh." And I agree that the flavor is the best part. I just can't see eating more than one every 5 years. If coerced.


Hey, thanks for the comment. I loved your video review of this product on CandyGurus, I laughed pretty hard at the comments on this candy. You guys describe it exactly the same way I did. What a shame, Katjes makes such great candy usually.


we're right there with you! We did NOT like them either...

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