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Mentos fresh cola chewy mints

Mentos fresh cola

I can't help but think of Mentos and Diet Coke eruptions every time I see Mentos rolls of candy on store shelves.  Either that or I think of those "freshmaker" commercials Mentos used to run in the U.S.   While not every country gets the same flavors of Mentos, I think almost every country does get the original mint flavor. Japan gets a very nice Grape flavor, the Netherlands gets a licorice flavor and on it goes. I saw this "fresh cola" flavor at my favorite Netherlands import store and knew I had to pick it up to review. It is the same place I picked up these Schuttelaar Banaapies and I really loved those.

This was one of the best Mentos flavors I've ever had and I really wish they made this fresh cola favor widely available in the U.S. We are a country of soda consumers anyway, it seems like a very logical fit for us Americans.  I like how the exterior color on these is made to look like  bubbles in soda.  These are the same shape, texture and consistency of mint Mentos, only the flavor is different. The taste is a perfect fizzy cola flavor and I swear I could feel soda bubbles tingling in my mouth when I ate these. The flavor isn't strong, but it's there from the first bite to the last. I thought I could taste a very light cherry flavor in the background of these Mentos and the cola flavor tasted like Pepsi cola to me. It was a sweet flavor, not the bite-y flavor of a Coke and was a better flavor than a generic cola. Everyone in our family agreed these are fantastic.  So, if you see these in an import store near you (or you happen to be in Holland), you should definitely purchase them.

Mentos fresh cola chewy mints

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: Not labeled
Price: $1.39 purchased at Dutch Import Store
Mentos' Web Site

Candyblog has a review of this flavor too.


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Cola Mints??? OMG - me want! These will so never make their way over to the UK :-(

Such a good write up - made me drool... :-)


Thank you for the comment and compliment. If I make my way back to that store, I can pick up an extra if you want to do a candy swap some time. :P


Oooh, I'd love these!


Cinabar - I've seen them in Asda and Home Bargains, up here in Yorkshire. Didn't buy them, but keep your eyes open! They are around.


Wow - would LOVE to do a candy swap!!! Would be a fantastic!


I live in the Netherlands, but I've never seen these. Next time I'm at a supermarket I will surely buy them!


I bought these in the Langkawi, Malaysian airport for my husband and really enjoyed them! He is a fan of all these coke and cola flavored. They were yummy!


Thank you for the comment, I too really enjoy cola flavored candy. I just wish these were easier to find!

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