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Godiva Bakery Dessert Truffles

Godiva Bakery Dessert Truffles Box

I need to start this review by mentioning two things. First, the photo above is from the Godiva web site. I tried and tried to get my box photo to turn out and I couldn't do anything with it. I'd since thrown away the box and didn't want to purchase another six truffles for a photo, so all credit should go to the photographer that took it for Godiva. Second, if you do not have a Godiva Rewards card, you really should get one. You can sign up for one on this page. The card is free and if you have a boutique near you (search boutiques here) you should use it. You get free chocolate, free rewards, free shipping 1 time from etc. I use mine all the time and it is a fantastic rewards card.

Every so often Godiva introduces a new seasonal special to lure you into the boutique or get you to order online. Recently I reviewed the Ice Cream Parlor Truffles and for my birthday I asked for these new Bakery Dessert Truffles. They make a fantastic gift and the Godiva box, wrapping, and basically the entire presentation makes this chocolate stand out. You really do not have to wrap these boxes, they look like a perfect gift just as they are.

Godiva Bakery Dessert Truffles

The above picture is one I took and it shows all 6 of the Bakery Dessert Truffles in their tray. The flavors include: Chocolate Lava Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake, Tiramisu, Cheesecake, and Strawberry Tarte. The box says these are limited edition so I'm not sure how long they'll stick around. I'll admit I had a few biases before I opened the box.  1)  I wasn't very interested in trying the Tiramisu, since I'm not a coffee drinker, and 2) Since red velvet cake is one of my favorites, I was really looking forward to trying that truffle first.

Go figure, I didn't think it tasted like red velvet at all.  Like all Godiva chocolate, the chocolate shell was very good, the filling just wasn't very exciting. I moved on to the Carrot Cake Truffle next and it had a carrot flavored paste inside that tasted odd and was not pleasant at all. With 2 down, I was seriously disappointed, but the tasting did get better. Cheesecake was next and it wasn't bad, it had a little cheesecake flavor, but I expected some tang out of a cheesecake ganache. The chopped nuts on the top were a perfect corresponding texture to the truffle and ganache inside. The truffle I'm awarding third place was the Strawberry Tarte. It has a great rhubarb/strawberry jam inside mixed with sweet and light vanilla mousse. I gave second place to the Chocolate Lava Cake (see photo below). It has a wonderful melty pudding-like interior with a dark chocolate outside. I could have sworn it had some kind of cake batter taste.  Overall, it was a decadent and strong flavor. First place went to the Tiramisu. I was surprised with my ranking because I'm not a coffee drinker. This truffle has an amazing coffee flavor.  It was very rich and I thought I tasted a slight liquor from the espresso ganache but that could be because I read what was in Tiramisu before I tasted it. It was a clear winner out of the six in this new line of truffles.

Godiva Bakery Dessert Truffles - Chocolate Lava Cake

If you were going to buy these in a boutique one at a time, go with the Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Strawberry Tarte or Chocolate Lava Cake. The other two flavors I wouldn't bother with, unless you get a 6, 12, or 24 pack which includes them. You never know which flavor you'll like. As I mentioned in my review, I thought I'd love the truffle I gave last place and thought I'd hate the truffle I gave first place. Not to sound like Forrest Gump, but that is sort of like life in general with all of its surprise and change. I often think of the Emily Dickinson quote when things surprise me, "To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."  However, I do hope you have time to try these chocolates before they disappear for the season.


I hope you enjoyed the review, please comment below if you've tried these and do not agree with my rankings.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It (overall score)
Calorie Counter: 2 pieces = 1 serving= 210 calories, 14g fat, 17g sugars
Price: $15.00 purchased at Godiva Boutique
Godiva Web Site


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I've tried them all, and I cared for the Chocolate Lava Cake and Red Velvet truffles only. That's par for the course for me. As much as I love Godiva, I can count on one hand the truffles they make about which I am actually over the moon.


I've tried all of the chocolate based oned and to me they all taste like generic chocolate truffles and nothing like their namesake. There are much better truffles in their regular line. This just seems to be more about marketing then actually delievering a great product.


Thank you for the comments! I agree with both of you, this one doesn't seem to be very popular.

I just tried these and had to find somewhere to post my opinion. I too liked the strawberry tarte,tiramisu and red velvet truffles.

The most disappointing one was the carrot cake. I found it had a disgusting soapy aftertaste. Other than that one they all were enjoyable but I totally agree with Dee. These are nothing special and maybe aren't worthy of the Godiva name. The chocolate shells are fine but overall they taste a bit cheap maybe?

I forgot to mention that when I had first heard of these I thought they might have the actual cake enrobed in chocolate. I think I would have liked that better.

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