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Vampire's Blood - Sour Strawberry Spray Candy With Light

Vampire's Blood Strawberry Spray

This is one of the most interesting novelty candies I've purchased in the last year. I wanted to do a few more Halloween reviews and I'm a huge fan of vampire movies and TV shows, so I thought this would be fun to try. I also saw this candy mentioned in the new candy section of Candy Industry Magazine, so it was on my list of candy I "might" try some day.

I can see why this candy would be appealing to kids. LED light, Vampire's Blood, Sour Strawberry Flavor and it sprays right into your mouth. I wasn't happy with the fact that it is made in China, but lots of novelty candy is made there now. However, I'm still a little concerned about product safety and food or candy made in China.  The LED light is very cool (see photo below) and I like the retro vampire on the label of this candy.

Vampire's Blood LED light

Pump spray is an interesting and fun way to consume candy.  It takes a little boldness to squirt away.  When it is good, like the Mike and Ike Hot Tamale Spray I've already reviewed it can be really fun, but when it's not good, it's no fun at all.  The first mist of Vampire's Blood that landed in my mouth surprised the heck out of me. I can't really explain the sensation my mouth was feeling; disgust, pain, sourness, then horrible fake strawberry flavor, then back to disgust, disbelief, betrayal, and lastly shock. I downed some water and thought twice about trying it again. I did try it again and all I could write down was "horrible taste" in my review book.  I know I'm not the target audience for this candy but even my 6 yr. old SugarKid hated it. He rolled around on the floor and made a big scene on how terrible it was, complete with fake vomiting.  Maybe tween boys will love the flavor--or enjoy daring each other to take a few sprays of fake blood.   We are thinking this would make a great punishment for SugarKid if he used words he wasn't supposed to, sort of like how my parents used a bar of soap for me. I have to give this candy a rating of "1/5", 'hated it".  I rarely find a candy that deserves this rating...and I am sad as this is something that had so much potential to be so fun.


Vampire's Blood Pool of Blood

Taste: 1/5 Hated It
Calorie Counter: 1 bottle (are you serious? who would consume an entire bottle?) = 1 serving= 47 calories, 0g fat, 8.9g sugars
Price: $.88 purchased at CVS Pharmacy
Maxim Manufacturing & Marketing Company Web Site


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Candy Professor

Thank you for boldly going there, so we won't have to!
Wasn't there a "candy spray" for dieters on the market? Seems this takes it a step further: 1 calorie per spray, and a little mouth punishment as well!


lol..I never thought of it that way but this would be a perfect diet spray! Thank you for the comments, you are always insightful and interesting.

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