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Cadbury Wispa packaging

I'm not a snob when it comes to candy and I think my site shows that I'll review anything, but there are a few candy bars on my mental list of personal favorites.  The Cadbury Wispa along with the Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes are definitely my two personal favorites for candy bars. This candy bar isn't sold widely in the U.S. and my favorite store Cost Plus is one of the few places I can pick this bar up. This bar is very popular in the U.K. Cadbury got rid of it in 2003, but then brought it back for limited release in 2007 and permanently in 2008. Since Cadbury has brought it back to market, it has been a very popular chocolate bar, putting a nice dent in Nestle Aero sales.

The Cadbury Wispa competes directly with the Nestle Aero because they are both aerated milk chocolate bars. I favor the Wispa over the Aero but that is because I love Cadbury milk chocolate. The Wispa is a crispy, bubble-filled chocolate bar (see photo below). I like it because it is so light and airy, but still retains that excellent Cadbury chocolate taste. The bubbles are formed by sending gas into the piping hot chocolate liquid. As the chocolate cools the gas pockets expand and get trapped in the chocolate, causing the aerated texture. While this bar is the same basic size as a 2 oz. Snickers bar, because of the aerated chocolate it only weighs in at 1.37 oz.

Cadbury Wispa Aerated Milk Chocolate Bar inside

I like to eat these bars chomping-style. I love how the aerated texture breaks up into flaky bits of chocolate and I love how light the texture feels. The aerated texture adds a lot to this bar and I wish there were more bars like this on the market. This bar is all chocolate but it really does not seem like it because of its aerated texture. It is a great way to break up what is essentially a solid piece of chocolate. I also think aerated bars melt easier in your mouth which gives you that instant chocolate hit. My favorite part of Cadbury chocolate from the U.K. is how creamy it is. The difference between Cadbury in Europe and Cadbury in the U.S. can usually be found in the first ingredient in both. Typically an American Cadbury product (made by Hershey) lists sugar first while the European version lists milk first. Instead of a sweet taste, you get a creamy and milky taste which I find very enjoyable in this aerated chocolate. That's what makes the aerated Wispa so unique for me, creamy, yet light and flaky. It's a recipe for chocolate perfection.

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 1 bar = 1 serving= 210 calories, 13g fat, 21g sugars
Price: $1.99 purchased at Cost Plus
Cadbury Wispa Web Site


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I MUST have this!!


Thanks for the comment Ashley. You will not regret trying this candy out. Definitely one of my favorites!

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