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Mentos Green Apple

Mentos Green Apple

I read somewhere that the Dutch eat more candy per capita than any country in the world. I can see why after sampling some of their candy. Mentos used to be produced in the the Netherlands, although I'm not sure where they are made now. The Van Melle part of Perfetti Van Melle is the Dutch company that merged with Perfetti, an Italian company, which formed the world's third largest confectionary manufacturer (after Kraft and Mars). I think most people just think of Mentos as those crazy Diet Coke geyser making candy or the candy with the great jingles and advertisements. Call me a candy geek for knowing about the company too.

The Green Apple flavor is available in the U.S. but it has been difficult for me to find. Not difficult, I wasn't looking hard enough.  As pointed out in the comments, these are available at Target in a multi-pack and I found them at a gas station and someone in the comments found these at 7-11.  I guess next time I'll look harder for them.  I finally picked this package up at my favorite Dutch import shop. I do like green apples so I was really looking forward to this flavor. These are very similar to all other Mentos with a hard exterior and soft chewy interior. The flavor is a fantastic green apple flavor with just enough tart and just enough green apple flavor. It's not overpowering and doesn't taste like sweet cider, which is something I always think tastes horrible in an apple flavored candy. I really enjoy how Mentos flavors their candy all the way through. This makes the flavor last the entire time you are chewing the candy. Great flavor, nice and light green apple flavor...overall, this is a great addition to the Mentos line of candy.

Mentos Green Apple Mints

Although the packaging says it is "a chewy mint", there is no mint flavor and you shouldn't think of it that way. They are using the word mint to describe a type of candy, not a flavor. This probably also won't make Diet Coke 2 liters turn into geysers, as the MythBusters guys proved the mint flavor works best for that and the tropical or fruit flavors do not work very well. These are great candy for the car or a desk drawer since they won't melt.  I like to keep a roll of Mentos in my desk drawer (along with some NECCO wafers) for those times when I need a sugar fix.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: Not Labeled
Price: $1.29 purchased at Dutch Import Store
Mentos Web Site


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I don't like Mentos and not a fan of green apple flavor but I want to try these!


at target they sell green apple in a multi pack. i think they are 2.99 and you get six rolls 2 green apple 2 strawberry 2 mixed flavor


Thanks for the tip Allison, I will definitely check that out!

It's a nice green apple flavor, I think anyone could like this Dave.

Thanks for the comments!


Just saw these at a 7-11 today (I'm in Michigan) and regret not picking them up. Maybe I'll go get them tomorrow since they only had 3 rolls.


I need to update this post, I did find these at Target in a multi-pack and I stopped at a gas station I usually do not stop at and they had an entire box of these on the shelf! Thank you for the comments, I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I did.

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