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Review From The Road: Trolli Brain Surge Gummi Candy

Trolli Brain Surge Gummi Candy

Here is another candy we found on our road trip.  This one was at a truck stop billed as the "World's Largest Truck Stop", so we gassed up, ate, and searched for candy (found two), all while technically visiting a tourist attraction!  Gummy or Gummi candy is perfect for the car.  They are chewy, not sticky and they come in all sorts of fun flavors, colors and shapes. My six year old went crazy over gummi brains so we picked this bag up to try. I haven't seen them for sale near us, so I thought this would be a great candy to review.

This is a nice sized four ounce bag with thirty gummi candies inside it. I was excited to try a pineapple flavor gummi since I love tropical and citrus fruit flavors. The pineapple did have a very faint pineapple flavor but the interior "surgin' sour" middle tasted like nothing. I bit off the end of this brain, tearing into it like a zombie in The Walking Dead and was let down by its sugary but tasteless filling. Since the pineapple flavor was faint, I thought the strawberry or blue raspberry might be better. Well, after trying both, I couldn't figure out which flavor was which by taste, since they tasted the same. We still couldn't taste the interior "surgin' sour" on either one of these either.  What a horrible let down!  Even though the taste was blah, the gummi brain shape was fun and the texture was pretty good for a gummi candy. I can't say I'd recommend this one, unless your inner zombie cannot find brains to snack on anywhere else.

Trolli Brain Surge - inside shot

Taste: 2/5 Did Not Like It
Calorie Counter: 10 brain pieces = 1 serving = 130 calories, 0g fat, 22g sugars
Price: $1.99 purchased at I-80 Truck Stop
Trolli Web Site


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